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Raise Local Taxes

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 6, 2007

The Mayor wants about a billion dollars for streets and sidewalks plus a few billion more to solve the Viaduct problem. The County Executive wants even more for new buildings and transit. After all, we need to replace the Gov. Albert D. Rossellini  520 Floating Bridge, fix I-5, expand light rail to Northgate, and add some more bike paths, don’t we? Hey, it’s only a few more taxes on business, which of course we don’t pay, a few more pennies of sales tax, a little more gas tax and a couple of more uppers in property tax and maybe a highway toll or two.

Here’s a better idea. Do it all now. Raise the property tax 25 percent, add a nickle to the sales tax, put tolls on every road, double the gas tax and add a bike tax and a shoe tax. Replace the Viaduct with a tunnel and the 520 bridge with a world class suspension bridge, send light rail to Northgate – no, why stop there? We’ve got unlimited tax dollars; light rail to Everett, Tacoma, the Eastside, Moses Lake. 

To celebrate, Seattle’s Mayor Nichols and King County Executive Sims can host a Bash Bush for Deficit Spending rally in the new Sonics/Storm basketball palace which cost only a small percent increase in whatever tax is left.


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