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My Choice for President in 2008

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 8, 2007

I’m off the fence, out of the undecided column. I recently sent a small contribution to a Republican presidential candidate, the one who met four criteria.

1.  He will pursue the War on Terror to victory.

2.  He will provide strong leadership on spending, debt reduction and tax reform.

3.  As George Bush has shown, it is not enough to take on the tough issues and make hard decisions. A president must be able to reasonably and convincingly articulate and defend his policies.

4.  His public and private life can withstand the onslaught of Clinton’s “politics of personal destruction” machine.

The score: Rudy and John, 3 of 4; maybe Mike too. Fred, I’m just not sure, but Mitt, 4 for 4. So this Presbyterian says, Mitt Romney in ’08.      




One Response to “My Choice for President in 2008”

  1. E. Ted Robinson said

    Warren, I agree with your logic and all but the final pick. I’ve been a Rudy fan from the get go because he not only has the experience, but he has the oratory skills, and the convincing energy behind the voice and the words to rally us, including, I think, a lot of fence setters, and maybe even more than a few traditiional democrats.

    Congratulatins on getting the blog going. Hooray for Warren!!!

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