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Race for Second Banana – Democrats

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 10, 2007

Democrat’s Vice Presidential Candidate

 Hillary will not select Obama. She won’t want a vice president potentially more popular than her and the Clintons assume the African-American vote is theirs by default. None of the rest of the Democratic presidential hopefuls, with one exception, would add much to the ticket. Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico is the exception.

His mother is Hispanic, a plus in the calculus of presidential politics. As a sop to the loony left, Richardson’s call for an immediate 100% pullout from Iraq would help keep the Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic party mollified. But It’s loyalty to the Clintons that seals the deal for the Governor. Wasn’t it UN Ambassador Bill Richardson that got Monica Lewinsky a job in New York when Bubba needed to get her out of Washington?

And think of the bumper strip:

 Hillary (Bill) & Bill in 2008.


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