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Race for Second Banana – Republicans

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 10, 2007

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

Regardless of who Republicans nominate for President, former Lt. Governor of Maryland, 2006 U. S. Senate candidate and current chair of GOPAC, Michael Steele, would make a formidable vice presidential candidate. An African-American, he would at least give pause to that voting block’s rote Democratic vote. A problem for Mormon Romney, the LDS Church once excluded blacks from church leadership. That is no longer the case but having a black running mate would take the issue off the table. Having run a hard fought Senate race (which he would have won in any other year but 2006) and serving four years as Lt. Governor, his life has been thoroughly vetted. An impressive speaker and debater with a commanding presence, Steele would add much needed spice to the Republican ticket.


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