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Prop 1 Roads & Transit

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 16, 2007

Prop 1 comes to us courtesy of the Washington State Legislature (RCW) which required both roads and transit proposals to be combined in one referendum, specified activities and funding sources allowed and required a report (Roads & Transit Pamphlet) to voters prior to the election. Therein lie the seeds of defeat, for in order to support transit, one has to swallow roads and vice versa. Additionally, since Prop 1 covers the major population centers from south of Tacoma to north of Everett, in order to garner support, every area covered by Sound Transit (ST) and the Regional Transportation Investment District (RTID) has to get something desired locally. The result is too many projects for the funds available. One example from the Roads & Transit Pamphlet is under the RTID Blueprint for Progress section, item number 11 on the SR 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. It states, “Provide funds to replace earthquake- and windstorm-vulnerable bridge …” The truth is, however, Prop 1 only gets the project pregnant. More money would have to be found, such as tolls (Bridge Funding Sources) to actually complete the bridge replacement.

There is extensive reporting on Prop 1 in the Sunday, October 14th Seattle Times including an editorial opposing Prop 1.

If not Prop 1, then what? My thoughts on this later this week.



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