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Prop 1 – Roads and Transit – A Loser. What to do next?

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 19, 2007

Do It Again in 2008

With the likely defeat of Proposition 1 –Roads and Transit (even the Sierra Club and King County Executive Ron “Better Late Than Never” Sims oppose it), it is time to immediately prepare a revised submittal for the 2008 ballot. This time, instead of trying to force voters to accept an all or nothing approach, break the proposal into several separate ballot propositions. In the ballot titles, include best estimates of cost and funding sources. For example, a ballot title for a new 520 bridge might be worded as follows:

Shall the 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge be replaced with a new six lane bridge with improved connection to I-5? The estimated cost is $5 billion. Funding will be $2 billion from existing Federal and State highway taxes, $1.2 billion from a .007 cent increase in the sales tax (up from 8.8% to 9.5%), $0.8 billion increase in car taxes and $1 billion in tolls.

Separate propositions for roads, major bridges, light rail to Northgate, light rail to the Eastside etc. will give voters clear choices. Supporters would be able to make their case for each project unencumbered by baggage from other projects.



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