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Seattle City Council Position 7 – Della vs. Burgess – What’s a Republican to do?

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 19, 2007

One term incumbent David Della is being challenged by Tim Burgess who supported Della four years ago. Among key issues for Della is that Burgess has supported some Republican candidates in the past and his marketing company actually once had a conservative client. This is a real issue in Seattle where even a taint of Republicanism is unacceptable to the left wing majority. Their definition of inclusive and diverse excludes Republicans of any stripe. Della, an Asian-American, also charges that “race played a factor in his losing the endorsements of mostly white groups.” (October 17, 2007 Seattle PI)

In this non-partisan contest, should politically right thinking voters embrace Burgess? Probably not. He agreed to speak to the April meeting of the 46th District Republicans only if they would not endorse him. After his presentation, he was in no danger of that. More recently, at a candidate’s night, Burgess was reported as saying he’s “…just as far left as any other candidate…” As usual in Seattle, conservatives don’t really have a choice save that Burgess was once a police detective and might appreciate the need for stronger public safety. So for what it’s worth, I plan to flip my two-headed coin, call tails, and vote for Burgess.



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