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Recommendations on Initiative 960 & Referendum 67

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 27, 2007

Initiative 960 – Tim Eyman initiative requiring two-thirds vote of Legislature or voter approval to increase taxes and fees; requires publishing of certain information and advisory ballots.

Sorry Tim, but this one over reaches in an attempt to control taxes and fees. The two-thirds majority requirement is excessive and gives too much power to a small minority. The advisory ballot on any taxes and fees passed by the Legislature will clutter the ballot with essentially meaningless items. Vote No.

Referendum Measure 67 – Should we approve law that makes it unlawful for insurers to unreasonably deny certain claims under penalty of treble damages?

This one pits the trial lawyers against insurance companies. While there is probably a need for such legislation, the new law as passed by the Legislature has several fatal flaws. It does not cover medical insurance or claims against someone else’s insurance. The term “unreasonable” is a low standard for a lawsuit and the law does not define the term. The Legislature needs to try again. Vote No.


2 Responses to “Recommendations on Initiative 960 & Referendum 67”

  1. Dick Derham said

    On Referendrum 67, with all the conflicting TV assertions, a simple question:

    Do you trust THIS legislature to get a complex balancing question right?

    If you trust them, vote yes. If you don’t, follow Warren’s recommendation and tell the legislature to try again.

  2. Warren, I figure you’re a Republican, so you’re FOR I-960, right?! How can you call yourself a Republican and not want to put restrictions on taxes?

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