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Seattle School Board and City Council – Recommended Candidates

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 27, 2007

School Board

Four years ago the School Board took the hit for an accounting screw up and four new “reform” members were voted in; two Green Party members and two City of Seattle employees. It didn’t take long before people wished they had the old board back. Fortunately, two of the new members have chosen not to seek reelection but sadly, Sally Soriano (Green Party) and Darlene Flynn (city employee) are running. Voters have a chance to elect four private sector adults to the School board who have experience in law, finance and board governance.

Vote for Peter Maier, Sherry Carr, Harium Martin-Morris, and Steve Sundquist

Seattle City Council

Just when you thought the City Council couldn’t go further Left, a left of left Seattle school teacher is challenging incumbent Jean Godden. Vote for Godden.

With Venus Velazquez DUI arrest, Vote for Bruce Harrell.

See my post on “Della vs. Burgess – What’s a Republican to do?” Vote for Burgess.

Sally Clark is acknowledged as one of the better Council members but Judy Fenton would diversify the Council with a much needed conservative viewpoint. Vote for Judy Fenton (


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