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Reagan – Episode 2

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 31, 2007

Republicans who are searching among the GOP presidential hopefuls for a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan need to remember that Dutch was divorced, once a union president and a Democrat, flip-flopped on abortion, racked up a huge deficit and dodged impeachment over the Iran Contra scandal in part due to his popularity and Republican control of the Senate.

Yet despite these “faults” he was elected President twice and changed the course of history. He won the Cold War, freed Eastern Europe, and with classic economic policy and buoyant optimism led the nation out of the Jimmy Carter doldrums. The overwhelming outpouring of sorrow and love shown by the nation at his death shocked the Left but sealed his place among the great presidents.

Is such a man to be found among the Republican presidential candidates today? I don’t know but I am sure we need a winner in 2008. Forget the litmus paper, we need someone who is a conservative where it counts – The War on Terror, tax and spending restraint, judicial appointments.

The thought of Democratic control of the House and Senate coupled with Hillary and Bill back in the White House should be incentive enough to work hard for whoever is the Republican presidential nominee.

For an excellent opinion piece on the subject by Charles Krauthammer, read “Since you mentioned the Gipper…” and I think you will agree that the Republicans have several potential winners in the stable.


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