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Non Offensive Mormon Humor

Posted by Warren Peterson on November 10, 2007

While preparing a post on Mitt Romney’s religion and his electability, I remembered my favorite Mormon joke; actually my only Mormon Joke.

The Pope calls an emergency meeting of the College of Cardinals. He tells them that he has some good news and some bad news. First the good news. “Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has returned to earth.” Great cheers erupt from the assembled cardinals. Then one of them says, “Your Holiness, if Jesus has returned, what could possibly be the bad news?”

The Pope replies, “He called from Salt Lake City.”


One Response to “Non Offensive Mormon Humor”

  1. Carol said

    Reminds me of this one I just heard on Dennis Prager: So Jesus comes to earth and tells a Jewish man that he, Christ, is the Messiah. The Jewish man responds, “So, is this your first visit?”

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