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A Message from My Daughter – Support the Troops.

Posted by Warren Peterson on November 19, 2007

Support for our troops enters the 21st century…text messaging! See the e-mail below.

In addition, if you all could keep two of my friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Capt. Jason Garneau just left for Kuwait to process in for his second tour in Iraq. He’s working with the Iraqi army on training…OJT I guess as his unit is following them around in Humvees. Jason, his wife Helen, and I are all good friends from college. Yes, there are a few of us who survived ultra-liberal UW unscathed. 😉

Corporal Bret Freeman, brother of my friend Skyla. Bret’s a college sophomore who decided to enlist in the Marine Corps…extremely brave and totally reckless all at the same time. Skyla is extremely proud of Bret, but also extremely scared for him as he’s spending his day’s manning the gun turret on a Humvee.

Subject: Support our Troops: READY ….SET….TEXT!

In this time of giving thanks, an opportunity to say “thank you” to some of the people who have given us the most to be grateful for. 

You can tell our troops directly how much you appreciate them by texting a message of support to 8-9-2-7-9. Also, if you log onto you can see a running list of text messages that people have sent in scrolling by (upper right hand corner of the page).Happy Thanksgiving! 


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