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Seattle Mayor Scares Kids

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 1, 2007

I heard about the mayor of our politically correct city speaking to the kids at the lighting of this years scrawny holiday tree (can’t say Christmas anymore). Apparently because of global warming, Santa is going to need a house boat and pontoons for his sled if we don’t go green in Seattle. Imagine little kids hearing that “Reindeer fly, but can they swim, too?” Parents, watch out for flashbacks to visions of drowning polar bears.

Many thanks to the Washington Policy Center for their press release putting at rest the minds of any children exposed to Mayor Grinch’s Dear Santa letter.

Yes, he even took a shot at President Bush in the letter. Got to get the children indoctrinated early on liberal think. I think I’m going to be sick!


One Response to “Seattle Mayor Scares Kids”

  1. Lord Mog said

    That letter made me sick. Why the heck are people getting so freaking obsessive over a fake subject? I don’t care how you put it, “Global Warming” is nothing but a SCAM for the left minded wackos to get YOUR money.

    And to put Santa Claus, a fictional character, in a deep pile of crap like this? Screw you Mayor of Seattle, screw you.

    – Lord Mog (The Ranting Moogle)

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