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Why Rudy Giuliani Will Not Be President

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 10, 2007

Mayor Giuliani may win the Republican nomination but he will not beat Hillary or Obama. One has only to read the transcript of last Sunday’s “Meet the Press” to understand why. Moderator Tim Russert grilled Rudy as only Russert can for the entire hour long show. It was but a foretaste of the General Election media coverage; a look at future editorial pages, TV debates and Clinton machine attacks. Five questions were on Iran/Iraq, over twenty on terrorism and al-Qaeda, about twenty-five covering the Mayor’s judgement and ethics, three concerning homosexuality, two on energy and one about balancing the budget. See a pattern here?

The media will offset Hillary’s shaky record on corruption with charges about Rudy’s ethics. If the race is against Obama, it will be “Mr. Clean” against that New York Italian Godfather. The Democrats will remind voters of the corruption scandals that sunk the GOP in 2006 and say Giuliani is more of the same. Rudy is a good offensive player but he will be forced to go on defense against Hillary or Barack. In either case, it won’t be pretty.


One Response to “Why Rudy Giuliani Will Not Be President”

  1. mike volpe said

    This is some amateurish analysis with all due respect. So, in other words, because the media is fascinated with Rudy’s personal life he can’t be President. This is just dumb, again, due respect. The exact same thing happened to Bill Clinton in 1992 and somehow he became President even though the media couldn’t get enough of Jennifer Flowers. It sounds as though you personally don’t like Rudy and for whatever reason are afraid he may actually get the nomination and from that you come up with what can only be construed as some really absurd logic. If anyone wants to know why Rudy WILL be President they only need to read this…

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