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Obama Wins Primaries, Clinton Wins the Nomination

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 17, 2007

The political pundits are all buzzing about a possible end to Hillary ’08. Even hubby Bubba has said it will “be a miracle” if she wins in Iowa. What is not being said, however, is that the primaries, unlike the general election, are not winner take all events. Hillary could come in third in Iowa and still capture a few convention delegates. Even more under the radar is the effect of “super delegates.” About 40 percent of Democratic convention delegates are not chosen in primaries or caucuses but are awarded to select party stalwarts such as Democratic elected officials and party leadership. These “super delegates” are assumed to be more interested in fielding a winning ticket than adhering to a strict ideology or swooning over some flash in the pan candidate. It is unlikely that they will support Obama due to his minimal experience not to mention an unspoken fear of nominating the first African-American presidential candidate. They may also consider Hillary too polarizing and look for a less controversial mainstream candidate. But as of now, she is garnering an impressive list of governors and congressional supporters. The aforementioned Bubba will be a super delegate and one can imagine him on the convention floor and in the cigar smoke filled rooms twisting arms and handing out promises to assure a Hillary nomination.

For a good discussion on the unique method the Democrats use to select delegates to their national conventions, read the article by Tom Curry, National Affairs Writer for MSNBC titled “What Role for Democratic Super Delegate.”

Meanwhile, don’t count Hillary out. Damn it.


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