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More Christmas Paranoia

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 27, 2007

If you haven’t seen Danny Westneat’s column in the Sunday, December 23, 2007 Seattle Times, you should. It tells the tale of the General Services Administration decision to remove poinsettias from the Seattle Federal Courthouse because some people complained that the red plants were symbols of a Christian holiday. Compounding the idiocy but winning the Port of Seattle Political Correctness Award, the GSA substituted Spring flowers including irises. After reading it, even my moderate, always sees two sides to every issue wife took a hard line, no two sides about it. She rushed to our den and came back with a book, “Follow the Year – A Family Celebration of Christian Holidays” by Mala Powers, illustrated by Frances Elizabeth Livens. In it is “The Legend of Thomas and the Iris.” You remember Doubting Thomas; the disciple not convinced that Jesus had risen on Easter morning. The legend says St. Thomas walked down a road and saw some dead plants but on his way back, he saw blooming iris, plants once dead were now alive, and so he began to believe it was so with Jesus too. So sorry Danny but the irises are out. Still, GSA might claim nonsectarian balance and leave the irises in December but display the poinsettias on March 23, 2008. That’s Easter but GSA can just call it Spring Break.


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