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Hillary Bush?

Posted by Warren Peterson on January 7, 2008

In the Saturday Democratic debate on ABC TV, Hillary Clinton included at least seven disparaging remarks about President George W. Bush, far more than all her opponents combined. You’d think she was expecting to run against Bush rather than the 2008 Republican nominee. But on one question, she appeared to be channeling George Bush as her guide. The candidates were given a hypothetical scenario in which a nuclear weapon was detonated in an American city, a 30 to more than 50 percent chance according to the experts quoted. They were asked what would we do? Edwards and Obama put on their rhetorical never used uniforms and said they’d go after whoever was responsible. Richardson punted but Hillary stepped firmly into Bush’s shoes and said,

“But let me add that when you look at where we are, the stateless terrorist will operate from somewhere. I mean, part of our message has to be there is no safe haven. If we can demonstrate that the people responsible for planning the nuclear attack on our country may not themselves be in a government or associated with a state, but have a haven within one, then every state in the world must know we will retaliate against those states.

There cannot be safe havens for stateless terrorists who are in these networks plotting to have the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the smuggling into our country or elsewhere of the kind of suitcase device that could cause such havoc.

So I think we have to be very, very clear. You know, deterrence worked during the Cold War in large measure because the United States made it clear to the Soviet Union that there would be massive retaliation. We have to make it clear to those states that would give safe haven to stateless terrorist that would launch a nuclear attack against America that they would face very heavy retaliation.”

Her words are the one glimmer of hope for the nation should Hillary, God forbid, get elected President. The other three, surprisingly including the foreign policy experienced Richardson, would no doubt be immediately tested should they achieve the Oval Office. The Soviets judged John Kennedy weak and inexperienced and tested him with missiles in Cuba. The resulting crisis brought us as close to nuclear war as we have ever come. We cannot take that risk in 2008. The best way to avoid it, elect Giuliani, McCain or Romney?


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