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George Will Demolishes McCain

Posted by Warren Peterson on January 21, 2008

Like he did with Huckabee, conservative columnist George Will makes the case that John McCain is not presidential material, at least for Republicans. The January 20, 2008 Will column shows McCain to be a maverick in an ill fitting Republican suit.

It will be interesting to see, but I think predictable, whom will be the last man standing in George Will’s lineup. Since all five of the remaining Republican candidates (I exclude Ron Paul) are right on the War on Terror and the need for spending and tax reform, Will is eliminating Huckabee and McCain on other issues, Rudy should be next, Thompson will take himself out and Ron Paul – well let’s just say he has no chance. That leaves Mitt Romney who needs to polish his image by dropping the sometimes dishonest attack ads, convincingly explaining his change of position on issues like abortion and finding a way to look a lot less patrician.

Over all of this is the specter of Hillary as president. Republicans may have to swallow hard and support the candidate who can beat Hillary. The war, the economy, the Supreme Court depends on it. The winner take all Florida primary may help sort it all out, or it may not.


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