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McCain’s Flood Sinks Romney’s Ark

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 2, 2008

The moon and planets have aligned for John McCain. His rapidly rising tide is about to swamp Romney’s ark, a political climate change no one predicted a mere month ago.

Having swept away Thompson, Giuliani, and for all intent and purposes Huckabee and Paul, in South Carolina and Florida, Senator McCain has only one hurdle left come Super Tuesday. He goes into February 5 on a wave of endorsements from solidly conservative Republicans, Republican moderates, liberal newspapers and at least one Democrat Senator. Age, frequent cooperation with liberals in the Senate (McCain-Feingold, Kennedy-McCain, McCain-Lieberman, Gang of 14) and temperament aside; he looks like the man to beat Hillary and for many that’s the main goal.

So what happened to Mitt Romney? He has the resume’, Hollywood good looks, speaking ability, tons of money, in short a dream candidate. But, and there is always a “but”, this is the year of “change”. People do not see a wealthy Republican businessman, with the perfect family, running negative ads as change. He is known for giving the answers questioners wanted to hear. He failed to refute the flip flopper charge even though on issues like abortion he had well thought out reasons for changing previously stated views. Yes, he’s a Mormon but the too slick, too opportunist, too pandering image did far more damage to his campaign than his religion.

Not all is lost for Mitt, however. He’s only 60 so “Romney 2012” is not out of the question especially if he is McCain’s VP. McCain would likely be a one term President. With four years as Vice President, Romney would have an opportunity to prove himself a worthy successor. Sure, there’s no love lost between them but the same thing was true with John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and practical politics put them on the same ticket in 1960.

“McCain-Romney 2008” – Works for me.


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