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Successful Presidents

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 5, 2008

Among the many e-mails I receive, the following one caught my attention. It certainly contains a viewpoint you won’t see expressed too often. The author, Jim T., was on fishing trips with Ronald Reagan in 1958 and 59 so he has lived through the presidencies he now judges.


In reviewing my notebooks on polictcs going back to 1968 – Nixon,s election, – two interesting conclusion are reached by me as to my judgement of a successful presidency which are:

1. Leading the U.S. and thus the World:with knowledge of freedom of the individual to attain their own heights but with social responsibility of inspiring and guiding others to achieve theirs.

2. And achieving this through a fundamental religious axiom that “All persons are created equal”.

Of the 7 Presidents who have held office since 1968, in my belief only three have suceeded in mastering these precepts and they are: Gerald Ford – Ronald Reagan — and the present George Bush.

All three competed on the field of advanced athletic endeavor to understand true team play and all three had to make a payroll at some time in the beginning of their careers;- these emphasized religious conviction of morality for fellow humans

Our present grouping of Presidents has only Romney as such and our present Seattle City Council has none.The slide since 1968 is one of “please take care of me – my government”

Just a thought from


Anyone agree?


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