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McCain – Whose Fault?

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 6, 2008

McCain the Nominee – Who to Blame?

After Super Tuesday, it looks like McCain will be the Republican standard bearer for 2008. Any hope for a Romney comeback is slim to none especially with Huckabee vowing to stay in the race.

In the weeks leading up to McCain’s resurgence, we’ve been treated to non-stop McCain trashing on some of our premier conservative talk shows. He’s a big lib, he’s NOT a conservative, he enjoys sticking his thumb in Republican eyes, he’s an undependable maverick and he plays too often with the Democrats. All this while earning an 83% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, being right on the war, judges, abortion, spending, and recently, making permanent the Bush tax cuts. He even admits he was wrong on the comprehensive immigration reform bill acknowledging that the people want to secure the boarders first and work the illegals problem separately.

Without conservative support, he has no chance of winning the White House. However, without independents and moderate Republicans, he can’t win either. So the choices are McCain’s 83% ACU rating or Clinton’s 9%, Obama’s 8%. Some say let the Democrats have four years. They’ll screw it up so badly we can come storming back in 2012. Considering that the Democrats will most likely retain control of the House and Senate, that is a high-risk strategy. Can you spell higher taxes, surrender in Iraq, liberal judges, Canadian style health care and fill in the blank?

For all the conservative discontent, one has to ask where was the “Reagan” candidate? There was hope for Thompson but after watching his debut speeches on C-Span, it was obvious he was not ready for prime time. Brownback and Duncan were non-starters and early on Romney was viewed with suspicion. Jeb Bush? Conservative? Yes. Electable? No. So suck it up conservatives and get in the fight, John McCain is our man.


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