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Boeing Tanker French Fried in Congress

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 8, 2008

While we Washingtonians certainly wished Boeing had won the tanker contract, one has to chuckle hearing the reaction from our powerful Democrat dominated Congressional delegation lead by defense hawk Rep. Norm Dicks and Senator Patty “Wave the Flag” Murray who said she was “frustrated, angry and in shock at this announcement.” (The award to Northrop-Grumman and EADS – European Aerospace and Defense Systems.) She added “You can put an American sticker on a plane and call it American, but you can’t call it American made. They are clearly going to be made overseas, and that is a factor we all have to be thinking about, whether we want American planes built overseas.” Never mind that the plane will be assembled in a new plant in Mobile, Alabama by American workers and that the prime contractor is also American but located in California, not Washington or that the losing Boeing 767 is an international airplane also with parts from various countries. Even Congressman for Life, Baghdad Jim McDermott expressed concern. Most galling, no doubt, is that a Red State with a Republican governor and two Republican senators and five out of seven Republican House members gets to tout the win rather than the bright Blue Soviet of Washington.

Danny Westneat wrote a great column on the subject in the March 5th Seattle Times. Click on his name to read it.


One Response to “Boeing Tanker French Fried in Congress”

  1. papundits said

    Hi Warren,
    Thanks for a great insight to the “Made in America” defense contractors.

    I’ll be linking you to our blogroll.

    Keep up the good work!

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