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Sex, Politics, Race – 2008

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 15, 2008

The last few days have provided a cornucopia of fodder for talk radio and cable TV. Former Congresswoman and Walter Mondale VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro stirred up a hornet’s nest by suggesting that Barack Obama is leading the race for the Democratic nomination because he is black. Then we have the spectacle of Obama’s “spiritual leader” and pastor giving what many people believe are racist and un-American sermons. Hillary’s chutzpah in hinting that Obama could be her VP even though Obama has more delegates, the fight over Florida and Michigan delegates and doing the delegate math have dominated the political news.

Dominated until a huge bombshell exploded over Albany. Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Democrat of New York, admitted patronizing a very high priced prostitution ring and was forced to resign. The story has been covered from just about every angle from who’d pay $4,000 for an hour with a hooker to Dr. Laura blaming the victim, Silda Spitzer, for not meeting her husband’s sexual needs.

No doubt there is more to come. What did Mrs. Spitzer know and when did she know it? Who set Eliot up with the call girl ring? Was it Bill Clinton or did he find it on Craig’s List? If Gov. Spitzer is Client #9 and, allegedly, a British billionaire is Client #8, who are clients 1 through 7? Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Bill Clinton? OK, I may be a little too cynical about Bubba but the scandal does bring back some distasteful memories. You can bet there are no prominent Republicans on the list or the New York Times would have headlined it on the “All the news that’s fit to print” front page.

Give kudos to Senator John McCain for trying to keep the 2008 presidential campaign above board and on the issues. Unfortunately, judging from the Democrats and the Clinton-Obama contest, we may all have to wear latex gloves when we vote.


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    I think it is a bigger deal that future Gov. Patterson is the first blind governor. That is a really big deal, and I really admire him even if he is a Democrat. They guy deserves some credit for the incredible life he has lived.

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