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Bush’s War – Oh Really

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 22, 2008

This is a powerful video (click on the blue link). It shows what chameleons Democrats are on Iraq. One wonders what they would be saying today if a Democrat President had launched the Iraq War.



2 Responses to “Bush’s War – Oh Really”

  1. Excellent video, Warren, and thanks for publicizing it.

    In the past 40 years, we’ve had two Democratic presidents – Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Each of them weakened our military, ruined our foreign policy, faltered in the face of pro-terrorist movements and regimes, and emboldened our enemies.

    Electing Barack Obama would be equivalent to a second Jimmy Carter term; and electing Hillary Clinton would be tantamount to a third Bill Clinton term.

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are now trying to out-do each other in claiming antiwar credentials. The truth is either one of them would set timetables for rapid withdrawal, acquiesce in a cutoff of funds, weaken our military, surrender Iraq to terrorists, and embolden our Islamic fascist enemy.

  2. Pete,

    If Gore had been CIC, there would have been no neocon deception/manipulation of intelligence by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearle, etc, no brain-dead president to swallow their story, and we probably would have stayed with UN sanctions and not gone to war in Iraq. Gore would have focused on Afghanistan and very likely caught/killed Ben Laden, and we would have used a small fraction of the $600B spent on Iraq and be much safer from terrorism.

    I like this! We could go on and on talking about how much better off we would be if there had been a Democratic president instead of Dubya! No war in Iraq, no three trillion dollar deficit, $60/barrel oil and a sane energy policy, a politically balanced judiciary, regulatory functionality in EPA, SEC, FDA and very likely NO recession in 2008!


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