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Barack Obama’s Middle Name

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 25, 2008

“Barack Obama’s middle name is Jimmy Carter.”

Steve Beren, Candidate for Congress, 7th
Congressional District, Washington State.

Could be. During Carter’s four years we saw the military weakened, double digit inflation, long gas lines, US support for replacing the Shah of Iran with a radical Islamist (favor repaid by seizure of our embassy), national malaise speech and canceled US participation in the Olympics. On the good side, he did lay the groundwork for Ronald Reagan.

Obama would have his own set of issues but his inexperience and naïve approach to foreign policy could result in a Carter style four years. The youthful JFK was tested by the Soviets and found wanting. The result of that was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Obama will almost certainly be tested by our enemies but at what cost to America, another 9-11 or worse?

He claims he wants to “bring us together” but his very liberal voting record indicates that his “together” is well to the left of center. This election is about change but it does not have to be a lurch to the left. We can vote for controlling spending and taxes, reigning in the nanny state and strong national security. We can vote for Republican candidates at all levels.

Yes we can! Yes we can!


One Response to “Barack Obama’s Middle Name”

  1. Hal said

    I thought I was the only one who noticed the similarity between Carter and Obama. At least Jimmy had the sense to attend a church that didn’t hate Whites and Jews.

    Great and moving speech at the 46th Dist. meeting last Monday,Steve.
    Let’s hope the the new revelations about “Jihad Jim” and Saddam’s financing his Iraq tour will wake a few people up.

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