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Clinton & Obama – On to Denver!

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 12, 2008

Rush Limbaugh has been urging Republicans to cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. The goal of his “Operation Chaos” is to keep the Democratic infighting going right through their Denver convention in late August. This would give John McCain time to unify Republicans and build his campaign. That is why Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean and the Obama fawning media want Clinton to show the white flag and surrender to Obama. Let’s say, “Throw in the towel.” since she’s been waving the white race flag for months.

Right now, it is possible Clinton will stay in the hunt even after the caucus/primary phase of the Democratic nominating process ends in June. The battle will then shift to the super delegates and, where the party rules allow, converting pledged caucus/primary delegates. Since this would be a back room, one-on-one effort, Clinton and Obama would be able to switch from running against each other in primaries and double team McCain. True, as a former candidate, Hillary could still attack McCain but except for vice presidential speculation, she’d be just another Democratic has-been voice. With the nomination in doubt, media coverage of Clinton and Obama would continue to McCain’s disadvantage, an unintended consequence of “Operation Chaos.”


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