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Carbon Cap and Trade Credits

Posted by Warren Peterson on June 3, 2008

The U.S. Senate is debating the Carbon Cap and Trade bill sponsored by Senators Lieberman and Warner. It is not expected to pass and will be vetoed if it does but the very fact that it is being seriously considered should be of concern. Global warming is happening and it is possible that greenhouse gasses contribute to it although the matter is far from scientifically settled. George Will, syndicated columnist with the Washington Post, published a column on the Lieberman-Warner bill in which he argued against a government imposed cap and trade system but for a straight forward, transparent carbon tax. Another interesting discussion promoting the free market instead of cap and trade to control greenhouse gases can be found at the Washington Policy Center web site.

Hillary Clinton attempted to impose a national health care plan in the early years of her husband’s administration. Negative public reaction was a key factor in the 1994 take over of the House of Representatives by Republicans after forty years of Democrat control. Her plan affected about one seventh of the economy. Cap and trade would give the Federal goverment a tool to dominate and control virtually every aspect (100%) of our economy. Surely it deserves at least as much public scrutiny as HillaryCare received and maybe a similar political reversal for the Democrats.

Write your senators.


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