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Can Rossi Win?

Posted by Warren Peterson on June 9, 2008

I went to the Washington State Republican Convention a Dino Rossi supporter but a doubter on electibility. Yes, he has the sympathy vote from the “stolen election” of 2004. And he has solid support among Republicans, but in a Blue state. Worse, he faces a rematch with an incumbent, female governor who so far has managed to avoid any major scandal and she has, with the help of the Democrat controlled Legislature, paid off her base support with record spending of our tax dollars. Add in the prospect of a dismal year for Republicans nationally up and down the ticket and Dino would seem to face an up hill battle.

It took a twenty-minute speech by Rossi to change my mind. Rossi spoke clearly and succinctly about the politics, the campaign, and the issues in 2008. Never once did he bemoan the election fraud in King County in 2004. He merely pointed out that everyone knows 129 people who, had they voted, would have changed the outcome. He noted that the polls show the race a dead heat, within the margin or error, and that Christine Gregoire’s support is under fifty percent, a sure sign of trouble for an incumbent. Another encouraging sign is fund raising and volunteers are running well ahead of the campaign at the same point four years ago plus many of the contributors and volunteers are new. But it was the issues that most piqued my interest. There are some that are scandalous. Spending that has blown through the surplus and is forecasted to cause a major shortfall for the next Governor to face, transportation policy in disarray, three thousand violent felons given early release, failed child protection services and foster care, ballooning state government all speak to the need for change in the occupant of the Governor’s Mansion.

Rossi calmly but forcefully covered the issues and anyone hearing him could not help but be impressed. If every voter could hear him, he’d win in a landslide. The question is, how to give every voter that opportunity?


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