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Republican Candidates in Seattle

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 9, 2008

Who said there are no Republicans in Seattle? About a dozen brave souls have filed as Republicans for legislative seats in Seattle districts. The 46th Legislative District covering the north end of the city has two Republican candidates for the State House of Representatives. One is Keith Ljunghammar. He is running for the open seat currently held by Rep. Jim McIntire who is seeking the State Treasurer’s job this election. Unfortunately for Keith there are two Democrats fighting (in court as well as in the primary) for the seat. With our new Top Two primary system, Ljunghammar will have a tough time making it into the final in November.

In the other House seat however, Republican John Sweeney is challenging incumbent Rep. Phyllis Kenney, a liberal’s liberal who, for the sake of taxpayers if nothing else, needs to be replaced. John is an extremely well qualified candidate, almost better than the Soviet of Seattle deserves. But who knows, with ballooning taxes, ever more stringent restrictions on personal freedom and, of course, loss of the Sonics, maybe enough voters will wake up and revolt at the polls. Take a look at John’s web site and see if you agree.


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