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What If It’s Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama?

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 20, 2008

What if most intelligence experts say Iran is close to having a nuclear weapon but a few others think they are years away? Will President Obama dither or will he decide the risk of a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable and exercise the military option?

In a similar situation, President Bush had to decide if the risk of Saddam slipping the sanctions noose and restarting Iraq’s nuclear program was acceptable in the light of 9-11. Most of the world’s intelligence agencies were not only concerned that Saddam would break free of the sanctions but also believed he had stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. Bush sought the help of allies. He went to the UN. Ultimately he made the decision. With support from the UK and lesser contributions of forces from dozens of other nations, he gave the order to remove the Saddam threat.

State Senator Obama opposed the Iraq war. He railed against it in the primaries. He opposed the surge, said it wouldn’t work. He says Iraq is a sideshow and the central front in the War on Terror is Afghanistan. He claims he wants to get out of Iraq and move troops to the Afghan fight.

By his statements, regardless of which side of the flip-flop he espouses, Obama shows his inexperience and ignorance. His insistence on a rapid pull out from Iraq is like failing to complete your full course of antibiotics. You risk getting sick again as well as building up resistance to the medication. He does not know the difference between a battle and a war. Al qaeda does. They have called Iraq the major battle for survival. There is evidence that Al qaeda knows they are defeated in Iraq and are retreating to Afghanistan. Had we listened to Obama and his ilk, we would have been the losers.

A surprise is in the offing for President Obama if he increases American forces in Afghanistan. The death toll will rise. The media will publicize it daily. His fellow Democrats, especially his political base on the Left, will turn against him. “The British lost, the Soviet Union lost, and we can’t win in Afghanistan either.” “It’s a quagmire.” “Get out now.” “Obama lied, troops died.” What will be the consequences if under political pressure he changes his mind again and chooses a cut and run strategy like he once supported for Iraq?

So what will it be? Secure victory in Iraq and Afghanistan or blunder into defeat? Will he confront Iran or consult with Europe, send stern diplomatic warnings, go to the UN? And what of the American public? Will they awake one morning to the news of a mushroom cloud over an Iranian test site and wish they had voted for John McCain?


4 Responses to “What If It’s Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama?”

  1. Fred Churchill said

    While there may be no cure for the neo-con virus that you obviously have, you might try reading NATION magazine twice a day, tune into Keith Olbermann in the evening, quit watching Fox News and get a good nights rest! You would then see the world clearly in time for the November elections and cast a vote for the presumptive president, Barack Obama!

  2. Warren Peterson said

    Keith Olbermann! Talk about “hate radio”, he’s “hate TV.” As for Fox, I’d put Britt Hume and Chris Wallace up against Keith O, Chris Matthews or any of the evening news talking heads on ABC, CBS or NBC anytime. They truely are fair and balanced.


  3. Fred Churchill said

    You’re talking apples and oranges. Fox is network (like NBC,CBS,ABC)and their “talking heads” are supposed to present facts, not opinions. Conservative Fox viewers (like yourself) may buy the “fair and balanced” label, but liberal minds (like me) see them as the network arm of the GOP, neither fair, balanced nor accurate. MSNBC is Cable news, and Olbermann makes no pretense about his liberal-leaning, politically-charged opinions. Compare him to Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc., not Wallace (good guy) and Hume (pompous dilettante).

    Pete, I worry about you living all these years in a dominant nest of hippies, commies and tree huggers. Wouldn’t you be happier in Dallas??

  4. Warren Peterson said

    Naw, Dallas is too hot.

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