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Slogans for Obama

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 26, 2008

1. The Presidency – Above his pay grade.

2. Obama – Not ready for primetime.

3. Obama –“Words, just words.”

4. Obama for President – the Audacity!





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Why Biden?

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 24, 2008

No surprise here. Obama had little choice but to choose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. It had little to do with Biden’s foreign policy experience and everything about the process of elimination. The governor’s of Ohio and Virginia took themselves out of consideration early in the game. That left:

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana – Way too dull and unlikely to turn Indiana from Red to Blue.

Hillary – Not a choice unless Bill was exiled to Mars and even then Barack would not want to spend the next four years watching his back.

John Edwards – Screwed himself out of consideration.

Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas – Bummer of a last name plus Nancy Pelosi supported him.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas – Her selection would have been the final straw for the Clintonistas.

That left Joe Biden.

The minuses:

– Not a governor and thus doesn’t help the management experience issue.

– With 35 years in the Senate, he’s not seen as a “Change” guy.

– He has a tendency to put his verbal foot in his mouth.

– A rambling speaker, he uses 100 words when 10 would do.

– His negative comments about Obama in the primaries and his positive comments about
Senator McCain (all on video tape) are manna from heaven for the Republicans.

The pluses:

– He’s an attack dog.

– Has foreign policy experience. In reality, he has more experience than Obama overall (35
years in the Senate versus 3 for Barack).

– Has compelling personal story.

– He is willing to run with Obama.

Will Biden make a difference, probably not? Obama’s star will hit its apex around the Democratic Convention and be eclipsed in the home stretch by McCain given, of course, no major gaffs or game changing events.

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McCain Rides High in Saddlebrook

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 22, 2008

It’s been almost a week since the debate of sorts hosted by Rev. Rick Warren at Saddlebrook Church in California. It may have been a turning point in the campaign for the White House if the jump in the polls for McCain is any indication. For sure, it was a demonstration why Barack “I’ll debate John McCain anywhere, any time” Obama has flipped on his bravado. Now it seems, we will get the same old three debate format of past presidential elections. Spare us, please, from the You Tube boobs asking inane to just plain ridiculous questions. Wouldn’t be a treat to have Rev. Warren be moderator and sole questioner for at least one of the debates?

Frank Luntz, a pollster who appears regularly on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes, suggested that McCain should not give the standard acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. Rather, he should come on stage, at audience level, no notes, no teleprompters, and hold a town meeting. Just talk to the folks. The contrast between such a down to earth appearance and Barack’s mass rally of Obamiacs in the Denver Bronco’s stadium would be stark and telling especially if the teleprompter failed to work.

At Saddleback, Obama appeared to be formulating his positions on the issues as he answered the questions. Nuanced to the point of being a human pretzel. McCain, by contrast, answered questions crisply, with authority. He clearly had thought about the issues, applied his years of experience and was comfortable with his positions. This is a difference voters will see and it will be decisive.

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Municipal League – “Not Qualified”

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 20, 2008

The Municipal League of King County has been rating candidates for decades. Their influence has been waning but they still have a responsibility to get it right. In the race for State Representative in the 46th District, the Muni League failed to make the extra effort one would expect from a self-proclaimed good government watchdog. They gave John Sweeney, candidate for Position 2, their lowest rating. Republican candidates in Seattle are frequently self-starter, first timers and may not get the advice and support they need. Faced with scores of questionnaires and interview requests, Mr. Sweeney apparently did not give proper deference to the Muni League. He did not participate in the League’s Candidate Evaluation Committee interview and, admittedly, did not fully complete their evaluation form. But to call a former Air Force combat pilot, successful small business owner, graduate of Johns Hopkins (BA in Biological Sciences), the University of Washington (MBA) and a masters in theology from the the General Theological Seminary not qualified is beyond understanding. This information alone should have at least alerted the Evaluation Committee to make extra effort to contact Mr. Sweeney. One look at his web site would reveal, even to the casual observer, that John Sweeney is well qualified to serve in the Legislature. With press releases and a mailing purportedly to 75,000 voters, the damage is done but the Municipal League has committed an injustice in this case.


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Vote Tuesday – Some Suggestions

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 18, 2008

Since I generally vote a straight party line, I can’t be considered objective in partisan offices but voting for Republican candidates in Seattle, regardless of qualifications, at least shows the flag for my team and reveals the base Republican vote. Statewide, the Grand Old Party has a great stable of candidates.

Governor: Dino Rossi-Deserves reelection.

Lt. Gov.: Marcia McCraw-Super smart, active, loyal Republican.

Sec. of State: Sam Reed-No conservative but head and shoulders above his opponents.

Treasurer : Allan Martin-Even retiring treasurer, a Democrat, supports Republican Martin.

Auditor: Richard McEntee-Democrat Sonntag has done a good job but been in office since 1993. Term limits anyone?

Atty General: Rob McKenna- Brightest star in the party. U.S. Senator some day.

Lands Comm.: Doug Sutherland-Done excellent job, opponent is partisan Democrat.

Supt of Public Instruction: This should be a Governor appointed position but isn’t so retain Terry Bergeson as best of the bunch.

Insurance Commissioner: Incumbent Kreidler, a former Democrat member of Congress is opposed by Curtis Fackler who I believe ran as a Republican in 2004 and John Adams who is a Republican.

1st Dist Congress: Larry Ishmael-Great resume, ran in 2004. Outstanding replacement for incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee who lost reelection to Congress from the 4th District in 1994, lost primary for Governor in 1996, won election to Congress in 1998, this time in the 1st District where he has been a reliable liberal vote ever sense.

7th Dist Congress: Steve Beren-Sure anybody but McDermott but Beren, a powerful speaker, would shake up Congress with common sense conservative principles.

The Judges in King County: I offer the suggestions of a friend’s conservative attorney.

Michael Bond, Charles Johnson, Suzanne Parisien, Les Ponomarchuk, Julia Garratt, Laura Middaugh, Barbara Mack, Ann Danieli

Initiative 26 – Non-Partisan County Council: Supported by some big money Republicans and even conservative radio talk show host and silver medalist in the 2000 Governor’s race, John Carlson, as a means of breaking the Democrat strangle hold on King County. The Seattle City Council is non-partisan but just try to get elected if you have any association with Republicans. Yes, Mr. Burgess was so accused but got elected to the Council anyway. His votes so far belie any Republican DNA. I-26 just puts the same Democrats in power now underground. Lacking any other information about a candidate, I know I have a better chance with a Republican when it comes to fiscal policy, taxes, property rights and economic growth. I’d just like to see party affiliation noted on the ballot.

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Had It with Seattle – Move East

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 15, 2008

I attended my high school reunion in Warren, Ohio last weekend. Once a vibrant steel town, home of a GM assembly plant and several other long gone manufacturing companies and a frequently nationally ranked high school football team, it suffers from the rust belt economy. But if you don’t have to live in Seattle, consider this. A three bedroom, two bath colonial near the Trumbull County Golf and County Club, probably $800,000 in Seattle, can be yours for $159,000 in Warren. Low cost housing, how about under $100,000 for a nice cape cod? Sure, Ohio is run by Democrats, has an income tax but sales tax is only six percent and low home prices yield low taxes. Pro sports and culture is less than an hour and a half away in Cleveland (world famous art museum and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) or Pittsburgh. But the topper has to be the letter to the editor of the Warren Tribune Chronicle from a senior citizen complaining about the exorbitant cost of a parking ticket in downtown Warren – $7.00. Mayor Nickels, please read.

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Lest We Forget 9-11

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 5, 2008

In a few weeks, we will commemorate the seventh anniversary of 9-11. Unless you knew a victim of the attacks that day, you probably have not given it much thought. Concerns about gas prices, the housing bubble and elections have crowded out images from the World Trade Center. Lest we forget why we are engaged in a War on Terror, take a look at these rarely viewed, very moving photos of the twin towers demise.

Thanks to Tom B., friend and high school classmate, for sending me the web site for this. PowerPoint presentation. (Click on the blue lettering.)

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Paper or Plastic?

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 2, 2008

The Seattle City Council passed an ordinance six to one (two absent) to impose a twenty-cent fee if you request a paper or plastic bag at the grocery store checkout. More hassle for the public, more paperwork for the store, more bureaucrats for the City, it’s just your nanny government at work. Newbie City Council Member Tim Burgess made the classic frog in warming water statement when he said, “I think after a few months of legislation, we will wonder what all the fuss is about. Same as when we moved to mandatory recycling.” Well, not quite Tim. Separating my refuse into two containers rather than one hardly compares to having to carry a dozen cloth bags in my car just in case I purchase a large amount of groceries. If my family has more than one car, make that two-dozen. No one needs twelve bags you say; stand in line behind someone shopping for a family of four? The plastic bags I don’t use for trashcan liners get recycled plus I don’t have to wash them, using all that precious water, soap and electricity.

If you don’t like all this, vote them out. The problem is, short of a major scandal, the reelection rate is very high. In Seattle, tossing out one liberal council member only gets one just as Left for a replacement. Mr. Burgess defeated an incumbent but little changed as far as a voting record is concerned.

Thanks to the Populists who wrote the Seattle City Charter, there is a remedy in Article IV to the bag issue and other related silliness. It’s called the initiative. Get 17,967 people (ten percent of the number of votes cast for Mayor in the last election) to sign an initiative repealing the bag ordinance, a majority to vote for it, and the Council may get the message.

Remember the frog. Put in a pan of water and heated slowly on the stove, he hardly notices the warming water until it’s too late and he’s cooked. Bonfires on the beach, fast food restaurants, driving your car, Styrofoam containers, trans fat; remember the frog.

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McCain Takes It to “The One”

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 2, 2008

For all those worried that Senator McCain would not go after Obama, look at the McCain for President web site under “Media” and “TV Ads”. The latest ad called “The One”, uses Barack’s own words in context to paint him as the elitist he truly is. He has become too impressed with his own oratory, words well delivered but lacking in consistency, substance and truth. Click on the blue “The One”to view this and other McCain ads.

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