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Had It with Seattle – Move East

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 15, 2008

I attended my high school reunion in Warren, Ohio last weekend. Once a vibrant steel town, home of a GM assembly plant and several other long gone manufacturing companies and a frequently nationally ranked high school football team, it suffers from the rust belt economy. But if you don’t have to live in Seattle, consider this. A three bedroom, two bath colonial near the Trumbull County Golf and County Club, probably $800,000 in Seattle, can be yours for $159,000 in Warren. Low cost housing, how about under $100,000 for a nice cape cod? Sure, Ohio is run by Democrats, has an income tax but sales tax is only six percent and low home prices yield low taxes. Pro sports and culture is less than an hour and a half away in Cleveland (world famous art museum and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) or Pittsburgh. But the topper has to be the letter to the editor of the Warren Tribune Chronicle from a senior citizen complaining about the exorbitant cost of a parking ticket in downtown Warren – $7.00. Mayor Nickels, please read.


2 Responses to “Had It with Seattle – Move East”

  1. Tom Barnes said

    Excellent article! Spot on observations! Hope to see you soon. We need another good solid conservative Republican here in Warren, Ohio.

  2. Warren Peterson said

    Well for all its problems, Seattle still has great weather, is in a state with a real possibility of electing a Republican governor and green trees year round so I’ll give it a little longer.

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