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Vote Tuesday – Some Suggestions

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 18, 2008

Since I generally vote a straight party line, I can’t be considered objective in partisan offices but voting for Republican candidates in Seattle, regardless of qualifications, at least shows the flag for my team and reveals the base Republican vote. Statewide, the Grand Old Party has a great stable of candidates.

Governor: Dino Rossi-Deserves reelection.

Lt. Gov.: Marcia McCraw-Super smart, active, loyal Republican.

Sec. of State: Sam Reed-No conservative but head and shoulders above his opponents.

Treasurer : Allan Martin-Even retiring treasurer, a Democrat, supports Republican Martin.

Auditor: Richard McEntee-Democrat Sonntag has done a good job but been in office since 1993. Term limits anyone?

Atty General: Rob McKenna- Brightest star in the party. U.S. Senator some day.

Lands Comm.: Doug Sutherland-Done excellent job, opponent is partisan Democrat.

Supt of Public Instruction: This should be a Governor appointed position but isn’t so retain Terry Bergeson as best of the bunch.

Insurance Commissioner: Incumbent Kreidler, a former Democrat member of Congress is opposed by Curtis Fackler who I believe ran as a Republican in 2004 and John Adams who is a Republican.

1st Dist Congress: Larry Ishmael-Great resume, ran in 2004. Outstanding replacement for incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee who lost reelection to Congress from the 4th District in 1994, lost primary for Governor in 1996, won election to Congress in 1998, this time in the 1st District where he has been a reliable liberal vote ever sense.

7th Dist Congress: Steve Beren-Sure anybody but McDermott but Beren, a powerful speaker, would shake up Congress with common sense conservative principles.

The Judges in King County: I offer the suggestions of a friend’s conservative attorney.

Michael Bond, Charles Johnson, Suzanne Parisien, Les Ponomarchuk, Julia Garratt, Laura Middaugh, Barbara Mack, Ann Danieli

Initiative 26 – Non-Partisan County Council: Supported by some big money Republicans and even conservative radio talk show host and silver medalist in the 2000 Governor’s race, John Carlson, as a means of breaking the Democrat strangle hold on King County. The Seattle City Council is non-partisan but just try to get elected if you have any association with Republicans. Yes, Mr. Burgess was so accused but got elected to the Council anyway. His votes so far belie any Republican DNA. I-26 just puts the same Democrats in power now underground. Lacking any other information about a candidate, I know I have a better chance with a Republican when it comes to fiscal policy, taxes, property rights and economic growth. I’d just like to see party affiliation noted on the ballot.


2 Responses to “Vote Tuesday – Some Suggestions”

  1. Rob Miranda said

    Agreed, except that you should have picked Susan Amini, rather than Suzanne Parisien. Parisien worked on Gregoire’s lawsuit against the State GOP (stealing the governorship). She’s basically a tool of the Dem establishment in this state. And a pretty sad one from what I hear. She doesn’t have great credentials. Glenn Anderson has come out supporting Amini, which is enough for me.

  2. Warren Peterson said

    Suzanne Parisien was the only judge candidate I have met personally. She spoke at two meetings of the 46th District Republicans. She said she did not believe in legislating from the bench and has Rob McKenna’s endorsement (she worked in the AG’s office). I suspect any work she did on the 2004 Governor’s race litigation was in her official capacity as an assistant AG. At least Ron Sims is missing from her endorser list.


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