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Municipal League – “Not Qualified”

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 20, 2008

The Municipal League of King County has been rating candidates for decades. Their influence has been waning but they still have a responsibility to get it right. In the race for State Representative in the 46th District, the Muni League failed to make the extra effort one would expect from a self-proclaimed good government watchdog. They gave John Sweeney, candidate for Position 2, their lowest rating. Republican candidates in Seattle are frequently self-starter, first timers and may not get the advice and support they need. Faced with scores of questionnaires and interview requests, Mr. Sweeney apparently did not give proper deference to the Muni League. He did not participate in the League’s Candidate Evaluation Committee interview and, admittedly, did not fully complete their evaluation form. But to call a former Air Force combat pilot, successful small business owner, graduate of Johns Hopkins (BA in Biological Sciences), the University of Washington (MBA) and a masters in theology from the the General Theological Seminary not qualified is beyond understanding. This information alone should have at least alerted the Evaluation Committee to make extra effort to contact Mr. Sweeney. One look at his web site would reveal, even to the casual observer, that John Sweeney is well qualified to serve in the Legislature. With press releases and a mailing purportedly to 75,000 voters, the damage is done but the Municipal League has committed an injustice in this case.



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