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McCain Rides High in Saddlebrook

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 22, 2008

It’s been almost a week since the debate of sorts hosted by Rev. Rick Warren at Saddlebrook Church in California. It may have been a turning point in the campaign for the White House if the jump in the polls for McCain is any indication. For sure, it was a demonstration why Barack “I’ll debate John McCain anywhere, any time” Obama has flipped on his bravado. Now it seems, we will get the same old three debate format of past presidential elections. Spare us, please, from the You Tube boobs asking inane to just plain ridiculous questions. Wouldn’t be a treat to have Rev. Warren be moderator and sole questioner for at least one of the debates?

Frank Luntz, a pollster who appears regularly on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes, suggested that McCain should not give the standard acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. Rather, he should come on stage, at audience level, no notes, no teleprompters, and hold a town meeting. Just talk to the folks. The contrast between such a down to earth appearance and Barack’s mass rally of Obamiacs in the Denver Bronco’s stadium would be stark and telling especially if the teleprompter failed to work.

At Saddleback, Obama appeared to be formulating his positions on the issues as he answered the questions. Nuanced to the point of being a human pretzel. McCain, by contrast, answered questions crisply, with authority. He clearly had thought about the issues, applied his years of experience and was comfortable with his positions. This is a difference voters will see and it will be decisive.


One Response to “McCain Rides High in Saddlebrook”

  1. Fred Churchill said

    Was McCain following his staff-prepared position statements when asked by Rick Warren to define the income “at which you move from middle class to rich”, by saying, “how about $5 million?” (Obama’s answer was ~$150,000)Or is this just more of his self-confessed lack of understanding of economics in general and of the current,real dire economic picture in the US? To feed that fire, McCain was quoted yesterday as answering a question of “how many houses do you own?”, with the answer that he would have to check with his staff. Okee dokee… Later in the day his campaign said “seven…maybe eight”. Now, please tell me how McCain can describe Obama as elitist and out of touch with the people when McCain demonstrates such ignorance (and bad judgment)on the stump?

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