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Why Biden?

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 24, 2008

No surprise here. Obama had little choice but to choose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. It had little to do with Biden’s foreign policy experience and everything about the process of elimination. The governor’s of Ohio and Virginia took themselves out of consideration early in the game. That left:

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana – Way too dull and unlikely to turn Indiana from Red to Blue.

Hillary – Not a choice unless Bill was exiled to Mars and even then Barack would not want to spend the next four years watching his back.

John Edwards – Screwed himself out of consideration.

Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas – Bummer of a last name plus Nancy Pelosi supported him.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas – Her selection would have been the final straw for the Clintonistas.

That left Joe Biden.

The minuses:

– Not a governor and thus doesn’t help the management experience issue.

– With 35 years in the Senate, he’s not seen as a “Change” guy.

– He has a tendency to put his verbal foot in his mouth.

– A rambling speaker, he uses 100 words when 10 would do.

– His negative comments about Obama in the primaries and his positive comments about
Senator McCain (all on video tape) are manna from heaven for the Republicans.

The pluses:

– He’s an attack dog.

– Has foreign policy experience. In reality, he has more experience than Obama overall (35
years in the Senate versus 3 for Barack).

– Has compelling personal story.

– He is willing to run with Obama.

Will Biden make a difference, probably not? Obama’s star will hit its apex around the Democratic Convention and be eclipsed in the home stretch by McCain given, of course, no major gaffs or game changing events.


One Response to “Why Biden?”

  1. mls said

    Hello Warren,
    The choice of Joe Biden has been upstaged by that of Sarah barracuda. We look forward to the VP debate.

    Somebody wrote recently,
    “She is going to get eaten alive…unless by some ploy she has been intentionally making herself look stupid so that she can stun us this Thursday…doubt it though.”

    Despite their flaws, McCain, Obama and Biden are all professionals. Now in addition to all the usual challenges for our leadership, we have this unprecedented meltdown of Wall Street with our govt. soon owning a big chunk of it. Just where does this pretty, spunky air-headed lady fit in? This is the big leagues. Should she be one heartbeat from the Oval Office?

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