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Colin Powell Endorses “The One”

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 24, 2008

I have great respect for former Secretary of State General Colin Powell. He has a long record of honorable service to the nation including key positions in the Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43 administrations. Never known as a conservative, his politics are liberal Republican at best and since his endorsement of Obama on “Meet the Press”, perhaps not even that.

Some bloggers and talk radio hosts say he did it because of race but I doubt that. Catholics voted for Kennedy, Mormons supported Romney, many women wanted Hillary and African-Americans, already overwhelmingly in the Democrat camp, are hard over for Obama; all perfectly understandable. All things being equal, Powell might have used race as his tiebreaker but his reasons for endorsing Obama were through a liberal lens not a racial one. It is those views that are subject to challenge.

The Republican Party has moved too far right. Really! Then how come McCain is the Republican nominee for president? He defeated several candidates to his right – Hunter, Brownback, Thompson, Romney.

McCain was unsure as to how to deal with the economy. And who was, Barney Frank? McCain was at least willing to enter the fray while Obama said “Call me if you need me.” Obama has a history of voting “present.”

Sarah Palin is not ready to be president. Powell has known McCain for years. He met with Obama at least twice. But he never talked to Governor Palin. Did he rely on Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson’s edited interviews? Or did he just not like her non East Coast worldview? He certainly gave her no slack for her shaky start on the national stage but calls the often wrong still gaff prone after a quarter century on the same stage Biden ready for the Oval Office.

He would have difficulty with two more conservative judges on the Supreme Court. Apparently, two liberal judges would be just fine. To be fair, he seeks diplomatic balance in everything. Which is the better judicial or political philosophy does not count.

He is concerned about some anti Muslim expressions from some Republicans. Yet he seems unconcerned about Obama’s long time association with radicals like Rev. Wright, an avowed terrorist like William Ayers or far left groups such as ACORN. I don’t think Obama is a secret Muslim but I understand why people are concerned since the primary source of terrorist activity in the world today is radical Islam.

Obama has intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge and would be a transitional figure. Age and race make Obama a transitional figure but his entire academic and political life has been immersed in the influence of the far left. As the saying goes “Can the leopard change its spots?”

The good general is buying into a dream; a hope against hope that “The One” can meet the Everest high expectations assigned to him. If Obama wins, reality will be a rude awakening.

Also see Obama, End of American Racism


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