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Election Bitterness

Posted by Warren Peterson on November 7, 2008

There is some bitterness in the land from the results of last Tuesday’s election. Below are two examples. One an e-mail sent to a friend of mine and another published in The American Spectator. Hopefully this will fade with time but may well be replaced by fear and concern. The nation has rolled the dice for change and will get it from the Left. Can 2010 come too soon?

First, the e-mail:

“Orson was in my platoon as a second Lt. at Quantico. A North Carolina
Republican who spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton with McCain. Ran for
Congress on Hawaii–and come within two percent. Then served on the FCC.”

To all:
Recovering from defeat. Suspect it will take a while. Have no intentions
to continue to send to my email list, but thought this below sums up my
worst fears. Thank you all for tolerating my missives, hanging in there
and (most of you) supporting John McCain.
The simple truth is the nation’s majority, including a large number of
“takers” and idealistic young people who, at this point in life, haven’t a
clue, voted for a rank amateur of questionable leanings and philosophy over
a tried and tested man who is incredibly bright, courageous and of great
character and integrity — a man who has an extraordinary life of serving
his country.
It is hard to understand — even with the hatred of George Bush — it
defies logic, and is heavy on emotion. A dear friend of mine and Angie
who is as staunch and active Republican as they come wrote the following to
us and other friends:
“This was been an unusual week for me. (Deleted) died 6 years ago today,
(deleted) and I would be married 50 years on Saturday and our Nation died
on Tuesday. ….. I will stop at the Board of Elections and remove my name
from the voting list. I will never again participate in a process that
insults the John McCains, (former POWs) and millions of others who have
worn the uniform of this Nation and their families who have sacrificed so
much to maintain this great Christian Nation. Since the party first
Democrats, minorities and uninformed young people believe that a young,
inexperienced, unproven, radical, Muslin heritage, smooth talking person
can and should be trusted with the leadership of this country over an
experienced American patriot who has spent his life leading and protecting
our heritage leaves no place for me. I will regroup and enjoy the rest of
my life with my loved ones. I have given enough to this Nation.” (My
edits above for privacy reasons)
It would be good to keep in touch with you, but not in so burdensome a
manner as with my frequent messages. We have much work to do. November
10th is the 233rd anniversary of our beloved United States Marine Corps,
and November 11th is the 42 anniversary of my being shot down over North
Vietnam and captured. I am a product of history as are we all. I will be
celebrating the Corps on several occasions beginning tomorrow. I treasure
my friendships.
Blessings to you this holiday season, be well, and keep in touch.
Semper Fi,

And from The American Spectator an article by Quin Hillyer, “Saul Alinsky Takes The White House”


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