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Obama – What Matters?

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 18, 2008

I received an e-mail from a friend touting a NewsMax article on irregularities in Obama’s record-breaking campaign fundraising. He asked recipients to comment. Well here’s mine.

If Obama’s campaign accepted contributions from Daffy Duck, foreign nationals, amounts over the $4,600 legal limit or tainted money of any kind, it doesn’t matter.

If Obama was born in Nigeria, Indonesia or Mars, forget the Constitution, it doesn’t matter.

If Obama got a sweetheart deal on the purchase of his million dollars plus house from convicted felon Tony Rezco, it doesn’t matter.

If Obama is a friend of unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayres, it doesn’t matter.

If Obama was a twenty-year member of Reverend Wright’s church, was married by Wright and Wright baptized him as well as his two daughters, yet he had no idea of the radical anti-American views of Wright, it doesn’t matter.

If Obama’s political education came from “The Chicago Way” where the dead vote, pay to play is the norm and corruption is expected, it doesn’t matter.

If Obama or his lieutenants are up to their necks in the scandal surrounding the Illinois Democrat governor’s alleged attempt to sell Obama’s Senate seat, it doesn’t matter.

If Obama is the least experienced President Elect in U.S. history, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is Obama won in a landslide of electoral votes and a comfortable majority of the popular vote in a very high turn out election.

What does matter is the number of true believers in “Hope and Change” seems to exceed those who place their faith in the real Messiah.

What does matter is talk radio and even the fawning mainstream media revealed most of the “doesn’t matter” but none of it opened the eyes of made up minds.

Now we find ourselves in a financial crisis that threatens the very foundations of the nation if not the world. Terrorism still lurks and wars against same promise to be decades long. Trust in government, regardless of political party, is low and falling. Yet government is assuming frightening control of the economy and many other aspects of freedom. One more crisis could well push us over the brink. Consider the consequences if Obama was snared in a scandal that caused him to be denied the high office to which he was elected. The shock would exceed Watergate or the assassination in Dallas.

So while the sky high expectations for Obama, which he has done little to discourage, are clearly unattainable and his baseline leftist views are a real concern, Obama will be our Preseident and he should be given a chance. He will be challenged, not just from Al Qaeda or out numbered Republicans but also the Pelosi/Reed led liberals in Congress. There are two choices. He is successful and leads the nation out of chaos or the Democrats fail and set the stage for a 1980, 1994 style Republican resurgence. For the sake of the nation, I hope for the former, Obama takes a practical course and succeeds. For the sake of the nation I could, support the latter if the Republicans actually offered a principled conservative alternative.


One Response to “Obama – What Matters?”

  1. Fred Churchill said

    Man, you are sounding like O’Reilly and Limbaugh with all of those rhetorical “ifs” that “don’t matter”, where most of the “ifs” are groundless!

    But your main point is right on. We are experiencing global systemic failures, the scale of which neither Keynes (nor Friedman) dreamed of. World leaders are clueless and looking to the US (who caused it all) to get us out of this, and here comes Mr. Obama.

    He will need a lot of help, from both parties in Congress, and a lot of luck. Many of the economic “experts” are saying it will be a minimum of 12 months to see evidence of a turnaround, and 3-4 years for a stock market recovery.

    And yes, the people spoke loudly and clearly in the election that they want Change, and not just something different. We all want something BETTER. I think Obama genuinely is looking for non-partisan support as he works for solutions. I hope he gets it.

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