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Gov. Gregoire Moves Right?

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 31, 2008

Governor “Dino” Gregoire – there may be hope for us yet. The bloom is hardly off her re-election and Chris is showing a hint of conservative realism. First there was her proposed no tax increase budget despite a forecasted deficit in the $6 billion range. Then she announced a stunner. Following the lead of Arizona and New York, she proposed deporting illegal aliens held in state prisons saving about $9 million over two years.

Of course, state employee unions filed suit against her budget because it would delay planned pay raises. And one key Democrat, budget-writing chair of the Ways and Means Committee, State Senator Margarita Prentice, announced opposition to the deportation measure. But still, it is significant that both of these actions are Democrats targeting one of their own. It could all be a ploy to neuter Republican opposition to the Democrat’s liberal agenda. Or could it be Gregoire does not intend to run for a third term and has decided to steer her own course over the next four years? Perhaps she really is more conservative than her party.

Hey, the tooth fairy never disappointed me.

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