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Gillibrand In for Clinton in New York

Posted by Warren Peterson on January 24, 2009

New York liberals are dismayed. Republicans are encouraged. Gov. Patterson has appointed Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to fill former presidential heir apparent Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat. Ms. Gillibrand, who has been elected twice to Congress in an upstate Republican district, is a National Rifle Association member with a 100% rating on NRA issues. She voted against the first $700 billion bailout bill. A Roman Catholic, she is considered “less than enthusiastic about gay marriage”. Amidst all the Republican joy that half a loaf is better than another member of the Kennedy royal family, there is a tiny alarm bell ringing. Senator Chuck Schumer, the truly obnoxious, highly partisan Senior Senator from New York and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chair, “strongly backed” her appointment. His goal is a filibuster proof 60 Democrats in the Senate. A Democrat that appeals to Republicans in New York virtually assures Democrats will hold the seat in the 2010 special election. If they hold all of the 17 Democrat seats up in 2010, they will need to win only one (assuming Al Franken steals the Senate seat in Minnesota) of the 19 Republican seats up to reach the magic number of 60 (58 Democrats plus fellow travelers Joe Liberman of Connecticut and Socialist Sanders of Vermont). Schumer can then push through Senate confirmation of his “centrist” (read far left) judges not to mention other mischief from Harry Reid and company. All this makes the 2010 congressional elections as important as 2012 in the fight to stop the nation from falling into a socialist abyss.


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