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Government in the “Age of Obama”

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 6, 2009

When the Founding Fathers adopted the Constitution, they chose a form of government for the new nation. Not a monarchy or a democracy but a republic. Click on the URL below and watch a very interesting and educational ten minute video “The American Form of Government.” No living commentator or politician is mentioned. No liberal versus conservative ranting. It is just a straight discussion of governmental systems employed by humankind.

This is a political blog with a slant toward the right but your comments left, right or in the middle are solicited. So in the Age of Obama, what will be our form of government? Click on the blue title above, “Government in the ‘Age of Obama'”, and write a reply.


One Response to “Government in the “Age of Obama””

  1. Fred Churchill said

    An interesting but simplistic description of government alternatives, focused on structure instead of political process. The video quickly dispatched terms like communism, socialism, fascism, etc. as non-defining, when in fact many political scientists insist that we in the US have just completed eight years of fascist-like politics within a Republic-like structure given to us by our founding fathers.

    What do I mean by fascist-like? We have seen super-patriotic nationalism, a growing disdain for human rights, supremacy of the military, obsession with national security, increasing intermixing of religion and government, suppression of labor,rampant cronyism and corruption, and fraudulent elections. All of those characteristics define fascism, and definitely do not represent government simply maintaining order and leaving the people alone, which the video says is the definition of the Republic as best practiced in the US. We wish. Let’s hope that that the Obama Administration can get the train back on the tracks.

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