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Same Sex Marriage, Yea or Nay?

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 18, 2009

Once again, legislation has been introduced in Olympia to legalize same sex marriage in Washington State. Companion bills have been filed in the House (HB 1727) and Senate (SB 5688) by State Representative Jamie Pedersen and State Senator Ed Murray, two “out of the closet” legislators from Seattle districts. With Democrats holding large majorities in the Legislature and the Governor’s chair, passage is likely this time.

The arguments in support of the homosexual lifestyle and same sex marriage are legion. Homosexuality is genetic and therefore normal. It’s a matter of fairness, equality and civil rights. Anyone who opposes same sex marriage is homophobic and hateful. If two people are in love why not let them marry and, if they choose, provide a loving home for children too? Considering the divorce rate, traditional marriage is hardly a virtue. The church should not set public policy. Even at that, the Bible calls us to love one another and not judge. Plus, Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. And the GLBT point of view continues with variants on the theme.

Against this onslaught, opponents respond. There is general agreement that gays and lesbians combined total less than 5% of the population. As to genetics, there are people prone to violence and other anti social proclivities but society is not expected to honor their actions. Same sex marriage contradicts hundreds, if not thousands, of years of tradition and we should be very careful before changing a basic foundation of society, one man with one woman. While same sex couples can adopt or artificially inseminate, homosexuality runs counter to the need to propagate the human race and denies children the emotional and balancing experience of opposite sex parents. As we lower societal standards to accommodate homosexuals, what other rules of good order will we compromise? Polygamy? Free speech? Free association? The Utah ACLU already supports removing the prohibition on polygamy. The California Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that Catholic Charities had to offer birth control in their employee medical plans even though birth control is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Remember the “thought police” that generated their own lexicon of “hate speech” that forced some universities to adopt ridiculous rules limiting free speech. Then there is our neighboring democracy to the north, Canada, which passed a law with a penalty of jail time if you make an anti homosexual comment. The Bible speaks of homosexuality only in the negative. Jesus never mentions it but he is recorded as honoring traditional marriage. Religious leaders asked him about divorce and he responded that Moses wrote law allowing divorce but only because man failed to live up to God’s original intention: “But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife and the two shall become one flesh.” (See Mark 10: 2-9) We all are born with or develop imperfections. We yield every day to temptations that we know in our hearts are wrong. Yes, the Bible says to love one another, but love does not trump the ideal and forgiveness does not abrogate high moral standards.

We have taken the Moses approach in much of our culture and we may do it again with regard to same sex marriage. But will same sex marriage as public policy enhance society or debase it further? That is the question.


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