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Japan & WWII Super Submarine

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 7, 2009

When you hear people oppose expenditures for advanced weapons systems such as the anti missile system, stealth fighter aircraft and laser weapons ( see Star Wars ), ask them what kind of world we would have today if the Germans had won the race for an atomic bomb. The following web site sent to me by a friend tells about Japanese development of a super submarine that had it been operational at the beginning of WWII might have significantly altered the length if not outcome of the war.

Click on Super Sub


One Response to “Japan & WWII Super Submarine”

  1. Fred Churchill said

    If we are truly able to revamp the federal procurement system, especially DoD super-projects, we could save half of the DoD advanced development budget that now goes to un-needed systems, un-warranted cost overruns, and sweetheart deals made with the half dozen monster contractors. Drones make the current Air Force manned aircraft obsolete, and the entire surface-Navy is at the mercy of new missle systems.

    Oh yeah, we need new legislation that strictly prohibits departing Senators and Congressmen from receiving campaign donations from government contractors or going to work for them until five years after Congressional departure. Military commissioned officers of 0-6 level or higher should also be held to a five year rule. Save tons of money and clean up tons of corruption!

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