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Seattle P.I. – The Chickens Come Home

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 17, 2009

Yes, there were numerous factors leading to the death of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. TV with its 24/7 news channels, Al Gore’s World Wide Web with free access to newspapers local and national, rising costs, competition from the “P.I in the mirror” Seattle Times all helped doom the paper even in a liberal market like Seattle. When all the reasons are finally cataloged, they should include the Letters to the Editor section in what turns out to be the final Sunday edition (March 15, 2009) of the P.I. It contains a couple of “Good riddance, the P.I. is too liberal for me” letters but it was the lead letter, captioned “Idiots deserve their fate,” that caught my eye.


So sad to see the P-I winding down. Every day there’s less and less to read. But it’s so hard to run a business these days, isn’t it? What with over taxation, overregulation, extortionist lawsuits, runaway liability expenses, hostile labor unions, it’s a miracle any business in King County survives. And the P-I, after all, is only a business.

But wait a minute.

Haven’t the editorial pages of your newspaper always been for more taxes, for more business regulation, for more reasons to sue a business, for stronger labor unions, for anything and everything that makes running a business the arduous and thankless chore it has become? Yes, I do believe that’s true.

So, maybe, just maybe, you idiots richly deserve the fate that awaits you. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Jeffrey Weiser

The New York Times, the Los Angels Times and the Seattle Times should keep their eye on “them chickens, don’t ya’ think?”


One Response to “Seattle P.I. – The Chickens Come Home”

  1. Fred Churchill said

    Wow. Maybe Mr. Weiser would be happier if he moved to an area where the conservatives are in control, like Orange County, CA. But wait. Unemployment there is 10%+ and growing, their economy is a disaster and thousands of them are homeless. How about very conservative Sacramento? Oops. Front page in today’s NYTimes shows a fast growing tent village of recently homeless there too. Same in conservative Fresno. Seattle’s unemployment rate is 8%, national rate is 8.9%. Maybe Weiser should just stay home and fight the commies in control?

    Labor union membership in this country has dropped from 20% to 8% in the last decade. A lack of “Regulation” in our financial markets has, by most accounts both liberal and conservative, been the primary cause of the mortgage and CDS disaster that’s driving the recession. Conservative tax policy absolutely crushed the public schools in Califirnia in the last 30 years.

    I am struggling to understand Mr. Weiser’s explanation for the P-I failure. The dots don’t connect. Do you suppose that higher taxes, labor unions and over regulation are responsible for Seattle’s lousy weather? What the hell, Mr. Weiser, you might as well give it a shot! By the way, I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that “idiots deserve their fate”.

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