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Obama’s Jerry Ford Moment

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 25, 2009

Jerry Ford assumed the presidency in the wake of the Watergate scandal that forced President Richard Nixon from office. Ford enjoyed public good will for the class he showed in the transition. But the Nixon haters were not satisfied with the indictments and convictions of several top Nixon aides. They wanted “Tricky Dick” humiliated by a trial and a jail cell. President Ford believed it would be a long drawn out extremely divisive political saga that would paralyze his administration’s ability to deal with the post Viet Nam and economic issues facing the United States in the late 1970s. Taking his own counsel, he issued a full pardon for any illegal acts Nixon may have committed while President. It was a politically courageous call and it cost him the 1976 election.

Today it is the Bush haters, almost exclusively from the Left, who lust for blood. There are calls for indictments of the attorneys whose legal opinions justifying limited forms of coercion (torture to some) sends the ACLU and their ilk into spasms of outrage. But the real targets are Bush and Cheney.

President Obama gives a mixed message on the issue. One day he wants to move forward and not look back and the next he’s open to investigating the alleged sins of the Bush administration. Obama has a very ambitious agenda and he cannot afford major distractions on his way to the 2012 elections. He has a decision to make. If he does not control the baying from the vengeance crowd, he will face his Jerry Ford moment.


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Political Humor from the E-mail In Box

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 25, 2009

Sent to me by a friend:

A $50 Lesson

I recently asked my friends’ little girl what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day. Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, “If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?”

She replied, “I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.”

Her parents beamed.

“Wow…what a worthy goal.” I told her, “But you don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that. You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and sweep my yard, and I’ll pay you $50. Then I’ll take you over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house.”

She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?”

I said, “Welcome to the Republican Party.”

… Her parents still aren’t speaking to me.

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Navy 3, Pirates 0 Replay

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 23, 2009

The below story recounts the events surrounding the rescue of the captain of the MV Alabama from his captors, Somalia pirates. I received it from a Navy friend who claims it was written by a retired Admiral so it is third hand but I believe accurate, politics aside.


First though, let me orient you to familiarize you with the “terrain.”

In Africa from Djibouti at the southern end of the Red Sea eastward through the Gulf of Aden to round Cape Guardafui at the easternmost tip of Africa (also known as “The Horn of Africa”) is about a 600 nm transit before you stand out into the Indian Ocean. That transit is comparable in distance to that from the mouth of the Mississippi at New Orleans to the tip of Florida at Key West– except that 600 nm over there is infested with Somalia pirates.

Ships turning southward at the Horn of Africa transit the SLOC (Sea Lane of Commerce) along the east coast of Somalia because of the prevailing southerly currents there. It’s about 1,500 nm on to Mombassa, which is just south of the equator in Kenya. Comparably, that’s about the transit distance from Portland Maine down the east coast of the US to Miami Florida. In other words, the ocean area being patrolled by our naval forces off the coast of Somalia is comparable to that in the Gulf of Mexico from the Mississippi River east to Miami then up the eastern seaboard to Maine.

Second, let me globally orient you from our Naval Operating Base in Norfolk, VA, east across the Atlantic to North Africa, thence across the Med to Suez in Egypt, thence southward down the Red Sea to Djibouti at the Gulf of Aden, thence eastward to round Cape Guardafui at the easternmost tip of Africa, and thence southerly some 300 miles down the east cost of Somali out into the high seas of the Indian Ocean to the position of MV ALABAMA is a little more than 7,000 nm, and plus-nine time-zones ahead of EST.

Hold that thought, in that, a C-17 transport averaging a little better than 400 kts (SOG) takes the best part of 18 hours to make that trip. In the evening darkness late Thursday night, a team of Navy SEALs from NSWC (Naval Surface Warfare Center) Norfolk parachuted from such a C-17 into the black waters (no refraction of light) of the Indian Ocean– close-aboard to our 40,000 ton amphibious assault ship, USS BOXER (LHD 4), the flagship of our ESG (Expeditionary Strike Group) in the AOR (Area Of Responsibility, the Gulf of Aden). They not only parachuted in with all of their “equipment,” they had their own inflatable boats, RHIB’s (Rigid Hull, Inflatable Boats) with them for over-water transport. They went into BOXER’s landing dock, debarked, and staged for the rescue– Thursday night.

And, let me comment on time-late: In that the SEAL’s quick response– departing ready-alert in less than 4 hours from Norfolk– supposedly surprised POTUS’s staff, whereas President Obama was miffed not to get his “cops” there before the Navy. He reportedly questioned his staff, “Will ‘my’ FBI people get there before the Navy does?” It took the FBI almost 12 hours to put together a team and get them packed-up– for an “at sea” rescue. The FBI was trying to tell him that they are not practiced to do this– Navy SEALs are. But, BHO wanted the FBI there “to help,” that is, carry out the Attorney General’s (his) orders to negotiate the release of Captain Phillips peacefully– because apparently he doesn’t trust GW’s military to carry out his “political guidance.”

The flight of the FBI’s passenger jet took a little less than 14 hours at 500-some knots to get to Djibouti. BOXER’S helos picked them up and transported them out to the ship. The Navy SEALs were already there, staged, and ready to act by the time POTUS’s FBI arrived on board latter that evening. Notably, the first request by the OSC (On Scene Commander) that early Friday morning to take them out and save Captain Phillips was denied, to wit: “No, wait until ‘my’ FBI people get there.”

Third, please consider a candid assessment of ability that finds that the FBI snipers had never practiced shooting from a rolling, pitching, yawing, surging, swaying, heaving platform– and, target– such as a ship and a lifeboat on the high seas. Navies have been doing since Admiral Nelson who had trained “Marines” to shoot muskets from the ship’s rigging– ironically, he was killed at sea in HMS VICTORY at the Battle of Trafalgar by a French Marine rifleman that shot him from the rigging of the French ship that they were grappling alongside.

Notably, when I was first training at USNA in 1955, the Navy was doing it with a SATU, Small Arms Training Unit, based at our Little Creek amphib base. Now, Navy SEAL’s, in particular SEAL Team SIX (The “DevGru”) based at NSWC (Naval Surface Warfare Center) at Little Creek do that training now, and hone their skills professionally– daily. Shooting small arms from a ship is more of an accomplished “Art Form” than it is a practiced skill. When you are “in the bubble” and “in tune” with the harmonic motion you find, through practice, that you are “able to put three .308 slugs inside the head of a quarter at 100 meters, in day or night– or, behind a camouflaged net or a thin enclosure, such as a superstructure bulkhead. Yes, we have the monocular scopes that can “see” heat– and, draw a bead on it. SEALs are absolutely expert at it– with the movie clips to prove it.

Okay, now try to imagine patrolling among the boats fishing everyday out on the Grand Banks off our New England coast, and then responding to a distress call from down around the waters between Florida and the Bahamas. Three points for you to consider here: (1) Time-Distance-Speed relationships for ships on the high seas, for instance, at a 25-knot SOA (Speed Of Advance) it takes 24 hours to make good 600 nm– BAINBRIDGE did. (2) Fishermen work on the high seas, and (3) The best place to hide as a “fisherman” pirate is among other fishermen

Early Wednesday morning, 4/8/2009, MV ALABAMA is at sea in the IO about 300 miles off the (east) coast of Somalia en route to Mombassa Kenya. Pirates in small boat start harassing her, and threatening her with weapons. MV ALABAMA’s captain sent out the distress call by radio, and ordered his Engineer to shut down the engines as well as the ship-service electrical generators– in our lingo, “Go dark and cold.” He informed his crew by radio what was happening, and ordered them to go to an out-of-the-way compartment and lock themselves in it– from the inside. He would stay in the pilot house to “negotiate” with the pirates.

The pirates boarded, captured the Captain, and ordered him to start the engines. He said he would order his Engineer to do so, and he called down to Engine Control on the internal communication system, but got no answer. The lead pirate ordered two of his four men to go down and find him and get the engines started.

Inside a ship without any lights is like the definition of dark. The advantage goes to the people who work and live there. They jumped the two pirates in a dark passageway. Both pirates lost their weapons, but one managed to scramble and get away. The other they tied up, put tape over his mouth and a knife at his throat.

Other members of the crew opened the drain cocks on the pirates boat and cast it adrift. It foundered and sunk. The scrambling pirate made it back to the pilot house and told of his demise. The pirates took the Captain at gun point, and told him to launch one of his rescue boats (not a life boat, per se). As he was lowering the boat for them, the crew appeared with the other pirate to negotiate a trade. The crew let their hostage go to soon, and the pirates kept the captain. But, he purposefully had lowered the boat so it would jam.

With the rescue boat jammed, the pirates jumped over to a lifeboat and released it as the captain jumped in the water. They fired at him, made him stop, and grabbed him out of the water. Now, as night falls in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, we have the classic “Mexican” standoff, to wit: A life-boat that is just that, a life-boat adrift without any means of propulsion except oars and paddles; and, a huge (by comparison) Motor Vessel Container Ship adrift with a crew that is not going to leave their captain behind. The pirates are enclosed under its shelter-covering, holding the captain as their hostage. The crew is hunkered down in their ship waiting for the “posse” to arrive.

After receiving MV ALABAMA’S distress call, USS BAINBRIDGE (DDG 96) was dispatched by the ESG commander to respond to ALABAMA’s distress call. At best sustainable speed, she arrived on scene the day after– that is, in the dark of that early Thursday morning. As BAINBRIDGE quietly and slowly, at darkened-ship without any lights to give her away, arrived on scene, please consider a recorded interview with the Chief Engineer of MV ALABAMA describing BAINBRIDGE’s arrival. He said it was something else “… to see the Navy slide in there like a greyhound!” He then said as she slipped in closer he could see the “Stars and Stripes” flying from her masthead. He got choked up saying it was the “…proudest moment of my life.”

Phew! Let that sink in.
Earlier in the day, one of the U.S. Navy’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft, a fixed wing P3C, flew over to recon the scene. They dropped a buoy with a radio to the pirates so that the Navy’s interpreter could talk with the pirates. When BAINBRIDGE arrived, the pirates thought the radio to be a beaconing device, and threw it overboard. They wanted a satellite telephone so that they could call home for help. Remember now, they are fishermen, not “Rocket Scientists,” in that, they don’t know that we can intercept the phone transmission also.

MV ALABAMA provided them with a satellite phone. They called home back to “somebody” in Eyl Somalia (so that we now know where you live) to come out and get them. The “somebody” in Eyl said they would be out right away with other hostages, like 54 of them from other countries, and that they would be coming out in two of their pirated ships. Right– and, the tooth fairy will let you have sex with her. Yea, in paradise. The “somebody” in Eyl just chalked up four more expendables as overhead for “the cost of operation.” Next page.

Anyway, ESG will continue to “watch” Eyl for any ships standing out.

The Navy SEAL team, SEAL TEAM SIX, from NSWC briefed the OSC (Commander Castellano, CO BAINBRIDGE) on how they could rescue the captain from the life boat with swimmers– “Combat Swimmers,” per se. That plan was denied by POTUS because it put the captain in danger– and, involved killing the pirates.

The FBI negotiators arrived on scene, and talked the pirates into sending their wounded man over for treatment Saturday morning. Later that afternoon, the SEAL’s sent over their RHIB with food and water to recon the life boat but the pirates shot at it. They could have taken them out then (from being fired upon) but were denied again being told that the captain was not in “imminent danger.” The FBI negotiators calmed the situation by informing the pirates of threatening weather as they could see storm clouds closing from the horizon, and offered to tow the life boat. The pirates agreed, and BAINBRIDGE took them under tow in their wake at 30 meters– exactly 30 meters, which is exactly the distance the SEALs practice their shooting skills.

With the lifeboat under tow, riding comfortably bow-down on BAINBRIDGE’s wake-wave (“rooster tail”), had a 17-second period of harmonic motion, and at the end of every half-period (8.5 seconds) was steady on. The light-enhanced (infra-red heat) monocular scopes on the SEAL’s .308 caliber Mark 11 Mod 0 H&K suppressor-fitted sniper rifles easily imaged their target very clearly. Pirates in a life boat at 30-meters could be compared to fish in a barrel. All that was necessary was to take out the plexiglass window so that it would not deflect the trajectory of the high velocity .308 round. So, a sniper (one of four) with a wad-cutter round (a flaxen sabot) would take out the window a split second before the kill-shot– no change in sight-picture, just the window blowing out, clean.

Now, here’s the part BHO’s “whiz kids” knew as well as the Navy hierarchy, including CO BAINBRIDGE and CO SEAL TEAM SIX. It’s the law in Article 19 of Appendix L in the “Convention of the High Seas” that the Commanding Officer of a US Ship on the high seas is obligated to respond to distress signals from any flagged ship (US or otherwise), and protect the life and property thereof when deemed to be in IMMINENT DANGER. So, in the final analysis, it would be Captain Castellano call as to “Imminent Danger,” and that he alone was obligated (duty bound) to act accordingly.

Got the picture?

After medically attending to the wounded pirated, and feeding him, come first light (from the east) on Easter Sunday morning and the pirates saw they were being towed further out to sea (instead of westward toward land), the wounded pirate demanded to be returned to the lifeboat. There would BE NO more negotiations– and, the four Navy SEAL snipers “in the bubble” went “Unlock.” The pirate holding Captain Philips raised the gun to his head, and IMMINENT DANGER was so observed and noted in the Log as CO BAINBRIDGE gave the classic order: WEAPONS RELEASED! I can hear the echo in my earpiece now, “On my count (from 8.5 seconds), 3, 2, 1, !” POP, BANG! Out went the window, followed by three simultaneous shots. The scoreboard flashed: “GAME OVER, GAME OVER– NAVY 3, PIRATES 0!”

I hope you found the above informative as best I know it– and, please excuse me in that after more than 50 years the Navy is still in me. I submit that AMERICA is going to make a comeback, and more than likely it’ll be on the back of our cherished youth serving with honor in Our military. So, let’s Look Up, Get Up — and, Never Give Up!

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You may be Taliban if…

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 18, 2009

I don’t know the original source of the following but it seems factual:

You may be Taliban if:

1. You refine heroin for a living, but you
have a moral objection to beer.

2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and
$5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t
afford shoes.

3. You have more wives than teeth.

4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand,
but consider bacon “unclean.”

5. You think vests come in two styles:
bullet-proof and suicide.

6. You can’t think of anyone you haven’t
declared Jihad against.

7. You consider television dangerous, but
routinely carry explosives in your clothing.

8. You were amazed to discover that cell
phones have uses other than setting off
roadside bombs.

9. You have nothing against women and think
every man should own at least one.

10. You’ve always had a crush on your
neighbor’s goat

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Definition of Globalization

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 10, 2009

This explanation of globalization has probably been around the Net in various forms before but it is worth repeating. In these confusing times simple definitions can add clarity.

Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana’s death.

Question: How come?

Answer: An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel, in a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk on Scottish whisky, followed closely by Italian Paparazzi, on Japanese motorcycles; treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines. This is sent to you by an American, using Bill Gates’ technology, and you’re probably reading this on your computer, that uses Taiwanese chips, and a Korean monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant, shipped on a Greek freighter crewed by Philippians, hijacked by Somali pirates, sold to Sicilian Mafiosa, smuggled into Central American by Columbian drug lords and trucked to you by Mexican illegals…. That, my friends, is Globalization.

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Fear the Budget Crisis in Olympia

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 9, 2009

Thanks to Sound Politics ever alert readers, I learned something new and more than a little disconcerting. All these years including my time in the Legislature, I was comforted by the knowledge that Washington State had a constitutional provision requiring a balanced budget. But Stu in response to my last SP posting “Budget Crisis in Olympia” called that belief “an urban myth.” After researching the state constitution and using God’s gift to mankind, Google, to uncover a Seattle Times editorial on the subject, I find he is right! Worse, the Democrats have tumbled to this reality too. California, here we come, whistling through the valley of the shadow of debt.

Cross posted on Sound Politics

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Budget Crisis in Olympia

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 8, 2009

Years ago when I was in the Washington State House of Representatives, I was among several cosponsors of a tax reform proposal. It would have eliminated the business killing Business and Occupation tax, lowered the state sales and property tax and, I confess, instituted an income tax. The so-called “three legged stool” of taxes would have spread the burden of state taxation across a broader base. The proposal was designed to be revenue neutral. To prevent legislatures from leap frogging tax increases, it included a constitutional provision prohibiting changing one of the taxes without a proportional change in the other two taxes. To no ones surprise, the proposal went into the dustbin with all the other past income tax tainted reforms.

Older but wiser, I’m sure even the constitutional mandate would not have been enough to prevent all three taxes from rising ever higher. We’d still find ourselves in a fiscal crisis at every economic downturn. Democrats would then want to add a forth or fifth leg to the stool. So “vital state functions” would not have to be cut. For supporting evidence, just look at the states with sales, property and income taxes. Virtually all of them are crying for even more money.

I don’t like the “starve the beast” philosophy expressed by some because government does require taxes to pay for basic services and necessary social programs. But I understand their frustration. Legislative bodies are genetically prone to spending. They also tend to operate in the short term neglecting to address the long-term effects of their actions. Public employee benefits are one example.

Nevertheless, Washington State’s constitutional balanced budget requirement combined with a serious recession has placed the State Legislature at a budget Rubicon. This time the usual inflated revenue forecasts, accounting gimmicks, fee increases and trimming around the edges fall far short of resolving the financial crisis much less systemic budget problems.

Democrats are already calling for increased or new taxes, even an income tax, and tying them to popular or “bleeding heart” items like education and children’s health care. Much of today’s money crunch is a result of relatively recent biennium spending and program increases. Better to eliminate these increases now before they become ingrained, court protected entitlements that threaten the solvency of the state.

(For another approach to the budget, see )

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The Obama Presidency

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 7, 2009

I voted for John McCain but was not really concerned when Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States. His election was a major step toward Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream that one day people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” His win also diminished the influence of race victim leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Beyond that, had a Republican beaten Obama, there are not enough mental health professionals in the country to deal with the grand funk state of depression that would have affected large numbers of Obomaites across the land. Worse, immediately after a McCain victory, the Democrats would have launched Bush Bashing II only with McCain’s name inserted as the bashee. I’d need mental help too if I had to watch four more years of “the President is dumb” Pelosi and “The war is lost” Reid place politics above country by trying to bring down the Commander-in-Chief.

Besides, based on their record over the past several years, the Republicans did not deserve to win.

My hope now is that the GOP has learned its lesson and can hold off the most egregious parts of the Obama leftwing agenda until the 2010 midterm elections. A Gingrich style Contract with America is needed that clearly lays out a conservative agenda to revitalize the nation without trillion dollar deficits and nanny state Socialism.

We’ll have to wait until 2012 to correct a foreign policy centered on criticizing “American arrogance” in front of international audiences. What Obama calls arrogance, others would label “leadership.” That which is expected from the worlds only super power.

We survived Jimmy Carter and were rewarded with Ronald Reagan. We suffered Bill Clinton but he wrought a Republican take over of the House for the first time in 40 years. President Obama will provide opportunities for a Republican comeback too. The only question is will the Republicans have the integrity and intestinal fortitude to deliver something other that “my turn at the spoils” governance.

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Humor – It Could Be Worse

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 6, 2009

As with much on the internet, I can’t always vouch for the truth or falsehood of material I get on e-mail or off the web but the following is funny, true or not:

Feeling unappreciated? World got you down?

Things Got Ya Down? Well Then, Consider These . .

In a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, patients always died in the same bed, on Sunday morning, at about 11:00 am , regardless of their medical condition. This puzzled the doctors and some even thought it had something to do with the super natural. No one could solve the mystery as to why the deaths occurred around 11:00 AM Sunday, so a worldwide team of experts was assembled to investigate the cause of the incidents. The next Sunday morning, a few minutes before 11:00 AM all of the doctors and nurses nervously waited outside the ward to see for themselves what the terrible phenomenon was all about. Some were holding wooden crosses, prayer books, and other holy objects to ward off the evil spirits. Just when the clock struck 11:00 , Pookie Johnson, the part-time Sunday sweeper, entered the ward and unplugged the life support system so he could use the vacuum cleaner.

Still Having a Bad Day?

The average cost of rehabilitating a seal after the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in Alaska was $80,000.00. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively saved animals were being released back into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, in full view, a killer whale ate them both.

Still think you are having a Bad Day?

A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen shaking frantically, almost in a dancing frenzy, with some kind of wire running from his waist towards the electric kettle. Intending to jolt him away from the deadly current, she whacked him with a handy plank of wood, breaking his arm in two places. Up to that moment, he had been happily listening to his Walkman.

Are Ya OK Now? – No?

Two animal rights defenders were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn , Germany . Suddenly, all two thousand pigs broke loose and escaped through a broken fence, stampeding madly. The two helpless protesters were trampled to death.

What? STILL having a Bad Day?

Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet didn’t pay enough postage on a letter bomb. It came back with ‘Return to Sender’ stamped on it. Forgetting it was the bomb; he opened it and was blown to bits. God is Good!

There now, Feeling Better?

Need a job? Find employment help in your area.

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