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Obama’s Constitution

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 21, 2009

Obama at the National Archives, standing in front of the glass enclosed Constitution spoke of adhering to the rules and values written in our founding document. No torture regardless of the potential cost in lives and treasure. Eroding states rights, intrusion of the government into every aspect of our lives, promoting the liberal agenda, well the Constitution is a living document don’t ya know!


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Joe Mallahan for Mayor?

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 21, 2009

Could T Mobile vice president Joe Mallahan actually get elected mayor of Seattle? Well, it is the year of hope and change so anything is possible. He is the only challenger of two term Mayor Greg Nickels to raise serious campaign cash even if the lion’s share came from his own funds. He talks a good game touting his management experience and playing the “I’m not a politician” card. According to the Seattle Times, he made an exceedingly brash statement that he may live to regret when he said, “My belief is that delivering city services and managing city infrastructure isn’t that complicated.” Mix in ten elected officials (mayor plus 9 council members), too numerous to name special interest groups and fickle voters all operating in the “Seattle Way” and everything from stopping bums urinating on the streets to replacing an earthquake prone eyesore highway becomes a tangled web of controversy. What Joe will learn quickly if elected, but really needs to know as a candidate, is political experience – the art of doublespeak – is a key skill for anyone in a political job. Mayor Nickels knows this and is a master at it.

The city government desperately needs a major house cleaning. Having an outsider businessperson as mayor would be a fine start. But I’m not holding my breath.

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Cars from the Past

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 15, 2009

With the pending demise of Chrysler and GM, a little nostalgia is in order. Enjoy these photos of American land yachts and dinghies from the heyday of chrome and fins.

Click on: CARS

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Obama & the Flu

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 5, 2009

These have been flying around the internet but just in case you missed them:

It was once said that a black man would become president “when pigs fly”. Indeed, 100 days into Obama’s presidency… swine flu!


Cartoon, truth?

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