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Abortion and You

Posted by Warren Peterson on June 9, 2009

President Obama at Notre Dame repeated the call for abortion to be safe, legal and rare. Rush Limbaugh mused if there is nothing wrong with abortion, why should we care if it is rare? An abortion doctor in Kansas is gunned down while attending church, an eye for an eye according to the more extreme pro lifers. The issue has divided the nation since before Roe vs Wade put the Supreme Court’s seal of approval on the practice. For America, some call abortion, after slavery, the great moral issue of our nation. Yet most people, unless they have faced an unintended pregnancy or have been moved by a religious or social cause, don’t give abortion much thought.

Where do you stand? Read the ten statements below and mark each one Yes (I agree) or No (I don’t agree). But before you begin, do you consider yourself pro-life, pro-choice or not sure? Now the ten statements:

1. Life begins at conception. Therefore abortion is murder and
never justified.

2. If bringing a fetus to term would likely kill the mother,
abortion is justified.

3. Pregnancies resulting from rape or incest may be aborted.

4. Abortion is acceptable if tests show the fetus to be mentally
or physically deformed.

5. Abortion is a reasonable backup if a tubal ligation or
vasectomy fails.

6. Abortion is acceptable if another child would force a family
into poverty.

7. A single woman gets pregnant. Rather than allow a moment
of passion to potentially affect her future life, she should be
able to choose abortion.

8. Abortion should be an option if another child would notably
lower a family or couple’s standard of living or delay
retirement plans.

9. “We always wanted a girl (boy) so there is nothing wrong
with aborting a fetus of the undesired sex.”

10. It doesn’t make any difference what anyone thinks; it’s the
woman who bears the consequences of giving birth or
aborting. The choice is up to her.

Review your ten answers. Are you now pro-life, pro-choice or not sure?


2 Responses to “Abortion and You”

  1. dick turner said

    Human life is not sacrosanct! Humans are the most invasive, destructive, and predatory species on earth. There are too many of us now and we don’t seem to understand the need to limit (or reduce)our numbers and protect the environment and our fellow species.
    There is nothing other than unfounded religious beliefs to support the idea that humans are somehow more important or better than all other species on earth and that we therefore have the “right” to hunt, kill, enslave, dominateand and even exterminate any other species. We have no basis for this position other than our religious arrogance.
    All other species (and originally humans too) let the runts and rejects of their species die to strengthen the gene pool and help the species survive. Social misfits are driven out and/or killed off. We should too.
    Safe, legal abortion is one good way to help address the above problems.
    And besides which, abortion should ultimately be the mother’s choice and is certainly not the responsibility of government!

  2. Fred Churchill said

    The Pro-Choice folks would be shocked to hear that limited, legal and safe abortion should be used to “drive out and/or kill off social misfits”!! Who gets to decide which unborn is likely to be a runt, reject or social misfit? Those willing to be such decision makers are the people we should fear…

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