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Cap’n Trade and Energy Potpourri

Posted by Warren Peterson on June 30, 2009

With thanks to the King County Republican Party for providing a web site on:

H.R. 2454: 2009-2010 American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

Want to see a nightmare in print? On the below web site, you can read a summary of the bill or if you have several days, the full bill.

…and to Sound Politics readers for the next two:

The below You Tube video would be funny if the message wasn’t so serious.

It takes a little time to gather the input data but this web site and the Wall Street Journal give the lie to the claim that Cap and Trade will cost “cost average family only $175 per year.”

…and from a former Navy shipmate:

Who said Republicans are the party of “No” that have no proposals of their own?

The Heritage Foundation has several good reports on this post’s subject, here’s one:

..and finally, some clearfogblog posts on the subject:

We Need an Energy Policy Now

Carbon Credits Gone Wild

Carbon Tax


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