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Say What, Susan?

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 12, 2009

The race for King County Executive is non-partisan but let’s face it, of the five leading candidates, four are Democrat elected officials and one is generally considered to lean Republican. What a surprise then to read in a Sunday, July 12th Seattle Times editorial that the four Democrats oppose interim King County Executive Kurt Triplett’s proposed sales tax increase but the lone Republican “wants to study the Triplett proposal before saying how she feels about it.” Reading the editorial description of each of the four Democrat’s responses to the tax proposal, especially the two state legislators, they seem well thought out and responsible. But Susan Hutchison was responsible only in that she actually wanted to read the proposal before commenting. This is one time when reading may not be necessary. Offering a tax hike during an economic recession should be a non-starter. Oddly, I’ve heard Susan speak on two occasions and both times she made it perfectly clear that this is not the time for tax increases. She has ideas for reducing the cost of King County government, starting with the size of the Executive and Council staffs, while funding critical needs. But none of this was mentioned in the Times editorial. It could be a too quick response to a reporter’s question, poor editorial research or, and I slip into conspiracy theory politics here, the Times is laying the groundwork for trashing Hutchison on the way to endorsing two Democrats for County Executive.


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